Who here is using the Khadas Tone Board?

So I did it! There are things I would need to change for it to be perfect. Its a snug fit.

It wasn’t bad to print, I’ll probably do the minor tweaks to make legit and try it again.

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That is some sexy, sexy shiit right there! Would you be willing to share the file after the tweaks? I’d be very interested in having this printed via a service like treatstock.

And I see you use the same rca cables I do.

Those RCAs were were the shortest and cheapest (13.95) stack cables I could find on Amazon.

But I wish I had got form keeping 6" that JDS Labs sell. They were just a buck more and worth the form keeping feature.

Ooh… I never noticed those. Those could be very useful, especially with two very light components like an Atom and a poly KTB case.

So I think I have it finalized and got a print done this morning. If it was sent to a professional printing service, it would be cleaner, but my noob print skills was acceptable. Edges have some fuzz and I just need to shaved it down.

—Edit-- Here is the link:

Case profile and using small feet.

Compared to Atom shells.


That looks fantastic. Just fantastic.

Your new version has the corners just right! And extra props for the board supporting plate thingie. That looks just great. Kudos!

…aaaaaaaand, ordered.

Thanks very much for sharing your talents, Frank!!

Everyone, if you share FBizzle’s awesome design be sure to link back to this thread instead of sharing the file. It’s a wonderful way to create awareness of the hifiguides.com forum!!

OK. Here’s the finished result. Finished by someone else, I should say. About $15 shipped from a maker on Treatstock. I added some transparent rubber feet. With only the board and the plastic case it’s pretty light, so I attached some thick washers using blue tack and then put blu tack in between the dac enclosuure and the bottom of the atom. It keeps the whole stack weighted down nicely- an issue with the plastic case of both the KTB and the Atom. I’d call it a big success.

Fan-frickin-tastic design Frank!!!


Just received mine.

it is a nice looking product. it’s too bad they made the decision to ship it enclosure-less.

The V2 of the tone board is supposed to be balanced and come in an enclosure.

Of course it was also supposed to launch this past spring, also.

yeah…the KTB v2 is currently vaporware.

however, since reading about the $70 e1da, making an inexpensive balanced DAC/ Amp isn’t overly hard, so no idea what the delays are.

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My take on why it didn’t get released yet is because it’s not measuring any better. I suspect they wanted to measure in line with them fancy sabaj d5s or topping dx7s.

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then it needs to be BIGGER…for all the POWER. le sigh…

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If it measures with those, but costs $150-200 with an enclosure they’ll have a winner on their hands for sure


I agree 100%.

must be at least 20 characters. :stuck_out_tongue:

Would certainly make me get one!

well, if you don’t have hard to drive headphones, look at the new iFi Zen or the e1DA. Zen will be better, but then it’s almost almost 2x the price of the e1DA.

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Its my first external dac…paired with jds labs atom …compared to s10 headphone jack its has more extention to spectrum …base is punchy and deep and trebile is bright with fowrword mids…too much forward for my taste and to me i wish it had more fluid representation for the sound …overall the lack of cover is a dealbreaker since it gets hot and in summer it needs to be cooled.

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