Who streams and who dosent?

So i realized that alot of people here stream music. I have nothing against streaming, just curious about your reasoning. Ive heard alot say that because you can have millions of music for a few dollars a month but does anyone listen to crazy amounts of music where you need that? And who dosent stream? Do you download digital files or collect only physical media and what stops you from streaming music? Why do you not need to stream? Got inspiration from the trying analog topic lol

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No streaming for me, just a massive lossless collection. Works well for my needs. I just have milk crates of cds in my basement and buy new releases from wherever I can get them in lossless

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I stream at work and I use streaming to audition albums before purchase due to the higher cost in canada


Damn, i assume you rid all of them to have in your phone or computer too? For convinience

Oh that makes sense! Its like a method to find music, test it out and then you can buy it! I never thought about that

I have a 50 tb music server, lots and lots of music lol. Can’t keep it on all my devices because it’s not enough space on my other stuff


I stream as well. started with Tidal but selection sucked so switched over to Spotify Premium and I’m good now. Also, being an Amazon Prime member, I have access to their catalog as well, but haven’t used it much.

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Yeah. While I have a tendency towards blind buying movies I cant do that for some reason with music.

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I probably have circa 1000 cd’s stored away but I stream now 24/7

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Yeah lol, I really need to do something about them, because I know for a fact there are over 5000 cd’s in jewel cases just in the crates in a corner, taking up space

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HOLY SHIT! I thought i had alot of music with 32 gigs lolol i mean how do you amount to so much music really?

Oooooh, is it because streaming is more convinient?

Haha thats funny, but at least you know what you are getting yourself into then with the music!

Damn! And the reason im guessing is convinience? But you could also rip the music instead of streaming it right?

I steam. I have access to most of the services. My main at home is Amazon HD, so cd quality or better. On the go it depends, Spotify extreme quality or Amazon HD.

Reasons, gigabit internet at home. Unlimited data on mobile and if I’m going somewhere I can download songs to a device.

Some logic against streaming, is the same as buying digital games. You want physical copies. I use primarily digital media so I still wouldn’t have physical media. That’s not to say I don’t own some physical media but it would be nearly impossible to physical store the albums that I have saved in digital playlist that I’ve accumulated over the years of streaming.

Hardest of all thought would be tracking down physical copies of some of the more obscure artists , especially if those are from other countries.

Streaming just makes loving music easier.


I’ll occasionally stream on YouTube, and just play the “My Mix” crap, or just find a automatic mix based off something I know I already like. If I find something, I’ll start hunting for a FLAC file. Otherwise, I just play what I’ve got on shuffle.

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I see, not much of a dooms day prep guy eh? It is true that with your internet there’s not much worry over not having music though. Pretty interesting perspective considering the type of community we are in

Nice! I dig that, nice and simple. YouTube has a really good music algorithm, having YouTube red for free was great since YouTube music had such a good algorithm

5000 CD’s in crates is going to take up a bit more than a ‘corner’ LoL! :smiley:

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yes, streaming is very convenient as the service is mobile. it also lets me get access to literally everything I want to listen to.