😢WHY I M NOT audiophile anymore 😢

I do not know why my love with audio gear start decreasing but i will suggest some reasons when i bought the akg k361 the headphone felt good for 3 days but after i didnt care that much it is materlistic hobby which it is cycle of buying something and feeling bored and buying something more expensive and cool and whatever and also i do not have the money for it too but i think hobbies where make you put effort in like skill or sport or anything else is far much better hobbie tell me what you think?


No big deal man, you can’t get the crack / juice or taste anymore and quitted the rat race :grin: Congratulations.


I guess so


I feel the exact same way.

Although I am a writer and a critic, in my personal time, I don’t listen to much music nor do I use the majority of the toys I have. I am honest with myself and am not forcing myself anything. I am aware that I own things that some people would literally kill to have, so I do feel that sort of guilt that I do not enjoy or use them in my personal time.

There are materialistic hobbies that are expensive, but you still have that fun part of perfecting your skills and approach. Photography and cinematography are perfect examples, but there are many hobbies that are like this.


Is it?..I thought it was all about the music and enjoying it…duck the hype trains, influencers, kick back enjoy what you have, coveting stuff is never gonna help you in this hobby or life :yin_yang: for us all my friend :smiley:


That’s one thing I hate about this hobby, how the new gen of YT influencers sort of push the narrative that you must spend hundreds, hell, thousands of dollars to “keep up”.

I wouldn’t trade my Sennhesier HD598’s for any other headphone that I own. And when I use it, I don’t care about the sound and bla, bla, bla. I love using them and listening to music or playing games with them. It’s so easy for the newcomers to get lost in the bs…

I love when someone is so passionate about modifying a cheaper model of headphones. We don’t really have that nowadays, do we? Back in 2015, the modding scene was active af. Remember the audiophile scene back then? Watching Zeos was SO much fun, everything was fun. It’s a different story today :confused:

I cannot imagine myself being the age I was back then watching the current influencers and audio people and getting into audio. I feel no real passion or enthusiasm, sh*t was way different back then. It was actually a welcoming space with knowledgeable people that care about others. I remember Zeos’ ranking and recommendation lists on Reddit, 'twas goood :3

People like Zeos and some forum members (e.g. ssdx from Tom’s Guide/Hardware) really did spart that fire within me, I felt passionate about going into this hobby and learning about it. Good ole times :')


Lol I remember going to a HiFi show in Bristol (UK) Hmmm 90’s and listened to a Linn Sondek , Audio Research Preamp, Krell mono blocks and I think Apogee speakers…Never really recovered from that lol…but happy with my jam :+1:


I would say being an audiophile is just a side effect of loving music, at least in my case. While i do buy more “specialised” products as DACs and headphones, amps and such, and i do despise a soundbar under a TV. I don’t spend a huge amount on HIFI gear, and try do do a lot of research before i eventually buy anything (unless it is cheap stuff like a new pair of KOSS kph30i).

I also enjoy the items for quite a long time before i go on to my next thing. That said, there are a few duds in my collection, but you can’t always win. Also, due to other hobbies, and high living costs here in Norway and only an average salary, my focus is mostly on “lo-fi” not “hi-fi”, and i do try to buy things with a lot of “bang for the buck”, and buy on sale when possible. Like my B&W 685s2 where ~$140usd off the list price when i bought them, and my Denon pma-600ne was also at a reduced price by ~$110usd, and shortly after (due to inflation) the normal price went up by over $100usd so compared to today’s price it was a steal.


You’ve been an example for me of someone keeping a cool head… IER-Z1R, Peacock Audio P1 (?), and 7Hz Timeless… correct me if I’m wrong but those are your staples?

I get a real sense of peace seeing the same sets from the same user for more than 2 months at a time :melting_face:

Maybe as someone who can change their moorings continually, it’s easier for you to keep other constants :rofl:


Yeah Z1R thanks to Chris @hawaiibadboy was my music salvation…materialistic? well that’s not for me to decide but I do have a few other sets, I love music, love gardening, hate cars, love motorbikes blah, blah :man_shrugging: x10 :joy:


Sorry if this is a sidetrack, but do you have a garden on your barge then? Or visit allotments?

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Me too. But my love for music is getting stronger…. :slightly_smiling_face:
I never really went down the equipment rabbit hole. :nerd_face:


No it’s my job lol…

And on the boat too…

Back on topic now pls :smile: or start a gardening ’n growing thread :+1:


this pic from random road in england right i think so

No my hedge cutting for one of my clients :leaves::leaves::leaves:


yeah but it is in england right

Yep Berkshire an other view if you don’t believe me :smile:


It’s definitely a hobby where you can easily fall into that never ending spending hole. I remember buying my HD 6XX and getting amps, dacs and what not to maximize their performance. Almost never used the Schiit stack and simply have been enjoying listening to just about everything through just the cans themselves. Still can be a lot of fun testing out gear, just don’t forget the main reason why you buy all this stuff, to enjoy music.


yep I started with 6XX+7XX and a FIIO E10K, started trying different Dacs/Amps tubes etc, then other headphones, then IEM’s, now I’ve sold/given away 90% of it since I’ve found my good enough for me setup


Ask yourself this question: What do you love more, the music or the gear? If the answer is the gear, then you’ve probably fallen too deep into the rabbit hole of audiophilia.

A love of music should remain the bedrock of this hobby, IMO. It should be every audiophile’s north star. As long as YOU are enjoying your music, you shouldn’t give four f*cks about how others perceive your gear or if you need to spend more in the ultimately fruitless chase for the end of the line.