Why is it that the audiophile community is mostly male?

My lady likes her music but is happy with her iPhone and a pair of Senn momentum 2.0 :thinking:

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I’ve always found that strange as well because women tend to have better hearing lol

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It’s hard to say, but partially feel that men liking toys, new things to play with holds truth in most aspects of life and definetly in music lol. Theres women too but i mean as a general rule of thumb


I mean there are other things I would say but I’m not here to start any debates or arguments lol

Haha considering how there’s mostly men to no women here I doubt that a debate would spark over stereotypes

Probably different priorities? I think they have enoigh expenses for other stuffs (clothes, cosmetics, bags, etc) for them to add more stuff like headphone, which is a male laden hobby in the first place.

Most people just gather around a hobby that their friend most talks about, of which very little women start their day talking about IEMs/cables/amps.

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You probably are correct about some of the social norms being a factor

And notice (not that its a negative thing) that those things are based on what looks nice over guy’s toys like legos, headphones etc

cause girls like pink and frilly things…plus because most of their time is spent in the kitchen or laundry room, they don’t have time for unnecessary things like music.

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Ok Boomer lol⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


LoL! not old or rich enough to be a boomer :frowning:

I just wanted to rib any females on here. :wink:

But then we have Lil Wayne with his $1 million Beats :facepunch::sweat_drops: lol…

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Guy’s just have more GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) Cuz the hunting instincts or something… :wink:

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Lol, guess if our goal was turning all the women away from here it worked

They’re smarter than us :laughing:


Haha i agree with this one!


Yep I know about Jana and she’s :sunglasses: … it was just a general question/observation :+1:

Maybe it is a brain type thing?
It is either technical or arts, so just like in informatics, men write code and get the engine working, women create the sprites, models, etc.

Same for music/audio work:
Woman may be song writer, singer, etc.
But mic placement, recording and mastering is done by someone else.

Not true example 1
Not true example 2
And this mad man

because we’re sexist pigs that harass, interfere and otherwise impede female progress into an industry seen as masculine.