Will This Do? Unknown DAC

I found this in one of my wire crates when I was looking for something and realised this will do exactly what I want so I can remove the bluetooth from tv to amp and wire it. But I have no clue what it is and the main question if its any good. Of anyone knows it would be appriciated.

It’s seems to be a simple dac with optical and coax spdif input with rca output. It will get the job done if you want to hook it to something with optical and give it rca out, but I don’t know if it’s a high quality one or not lol (guessing it’s not by the looks of things). It will get the job done though and most likely sound better than Bluetooth, so I would try it out for sure

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Ah the dreaded question of, “is it any good?” Plug it in and listen for yourself. If you like the way it sounds then yes, it is good. If the sound grates on your ears and nerves then please tell us about it👌 so we can figure out why.


If it sounds good it is good lol


Awesome thanks, just asking cos never used one before haha. If im honest dunno why dacs go so high in price haha.

Well, they sound better lol. I have some fairly overkill dacs because once you get into the higher end territory, everything starts to count a fair bit. With an average setup as long as you have a good dac you are just fine, as they don’t make too much of a difference (there is a noticable difference from something like a phone dac to a standalone), but as you go higher up, dacs can make a pretty large impact

I get it so the more expencive the speakers ect, the bigger difference it makes. I get that cos they more sensitive to it ect. But ill try it when I can see how it sounds. If its shit its shit but if not it has all the connectivity I need atm. But when I get some nice speakers if it makes em sound shit ill upgrade.

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Update it did not work, Just caused my speakers to buzz a lot. Didnt get any signal at all. :frowning:

Welp, it looks like it’s not an option then lol. Is this out of a TV? Sometimes the TV will be set to output Dolby digital instead of pcm and that will cause it to not work

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Yup ima complete idiot haha switched to pcm and it works fine :angry:

I take it back it sounds like shit

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sounds like someone shoved everything in water. Put distortion to 1000% and cranked to 100

Absolutly disguting haha

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if you really just want a down and dirty solution that won’t fuck ur stuff up something like this will do the job just fine especially for casual tv listening

looks exactly like the one im using, ima just skip owt that looks like that haha.

there’s like a trillion that look like those (amazon)
I was just trying to suggest a $10 simple solution lmao
if you want a proper dac recommendation what’s your price range?

not too expencive under £60? my system doesnt really need owt crazy (20years old haha)

Smsl m100? (If you can find one since they seem to be out of stock lol)

coax and spdif? option to be switchable between the two?

im cool with just using either 1 as what I need has both, dunno difference tbh