Worst Headphones of the decade?

Which technically ends next year but lets do this anyway!

My vote goes to the Sennheiser HD 700. I remember seeing on a flash sale buy it thinkign it was the next best thing and returning it rather quick.

I’ve yet to meet a single person that likes it.

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I see people use it for gaming, but even then lol…

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I…can’t imagine doing anything with it. I’d buy a pair for ten bucks to keep around for lulz and to be able to hold up and say even the best sometimes screw up.

Luckily for them the HD800 happened.

damn they really that bad?

I’ve def heard worse, but I can’t think of a situation where I would recommend them. Also I don’t really have a worst headphone of the decade tbh

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Skullcandy Hesh 2 are pretty bad, tried them from someone and didn’t like the sound. Too muddy and not really detailed. My sister also owns the galaxy buds and honestly i was dissapointed by the sound. altho it could have just been the mp3 rips from her youtube mp3 downloads lol

damn, mon out there only getting the good shit. How bout just ur least favorite?

That’s really hard lol, I really don’t know

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For me, the absolute worst I’ve ever heard … I mean THE WORST…Hifiman HE350

That one was pretty bad, it was something that should have not passed the testing stages lol, not sure how they though it was good enough to actually sell as a full on headphone lol

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Yeah, it was like…hey, we made a treble headphone for those of you with 7.1 surround stereo setup but want to wear headphones too.

The thing about the HD 700 this was the next thing to follow what was their two most popular cans of all time (600/650) and people were hyped. It was like jumping into the pool on the first day of summer break only to find the pool wasn’t kept and full of algae.

Is the Drop one like some sort of redo on it? The HE35x?

That one is bad too lol, both were from drop

The HE5SE seems to be universally hated.

For the record I think the HE5SE could have a rebirth with gaming, it’s very accurate and the hard treble works in FPS…except you need a good amp since they are badly inefficient.

So the he5se was good, but then hifiman took all models after the first initial run and turned them into shit apparently. I will still say the one I tried was pretty close to the he500 with a bit different tuning (a very early unit), but it is clear that it was just a bait and switch, as the proceeding units are garbage from what I hear

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The set I got used for $200 were some of the most shrill cans I’ve ever heard but they are precise and accurate so I used them for some gaming and it wasn’t so bad. I also switched the pads to Dekoni Sheepskin and it helped greatly. They need just like a half of centimeter to extend the bass just right, but alpha and Ori takes them too far IMO.

All stupid gaming headsets. Man I still can’t get over how bad some of them are, and how much the companies lie to kids.

Id like to cast my vote for the Nuemann NDH 20. idk what the deal with this headphone was. I say it was dark, people said it had plenty of treble. I say it was warm, but i like bassy headphones. I found it wooly and lacked clarity. hated it, but people love it. arrrgghhh, just dont get it.


I think it is one of those headphones that some really like and others don’t. Just about personal preference really. I can understand why somebody wouldn’t like it, based on what I hear about it.

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