Worth reading and fun headphone guide

can we get some interesting gaming headphone guide rather than zeos, Joshua and mad lust envy
Maybe some google sheets or other interesting title
Down in the comment section

Here I got one

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https://crinacle.com/rankings/iems/ crin’s iem list I find to be mostly accurate and aggreable , his headphone guide is fun but I don’t really aggree with it but all makes sense coming from an iem guy.


ooh. IEM list been needing one of these for a more indepth look outside of the TWS one you gave me previously. Awesome and appreciated!

This is pretty subjective however he listed the Shp9500, DT 1770, Fidelio x2hr, Fostex TR-X00 Purpleheart, and the meze 99 classic as terrible headphones. Going to go ahead and practically toss that review out my window for that.

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Yeah just based off that not a guide I would follow or at all aggree with

I try to look at Cicero’s guide and all i see are the intro pages then nothing else

its a doc page. Theres bottom tabs click them to cycle through it. Definitely nothing I would agree with as far as “bad” headphones its not a very large list either.

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thanks lol, missed that.

OMG I love this guide! Thank you VintageLC. I love how he mentions the sound signature right at the top: U shaped, Dark, Nuetral Bright, Nuetral Warm. Also the used prices

It’s good that he described it like that but when you put those particular headphones in a “bad” description and then go out saying that Sennheiser HD 559/579/598/599 can all be paired together without a thorough description, say the dt990 has a muddy bass I am not sure this guy knows what muddy bass is and the treble is fixable based on amp setup, lastly stating the dt 1990 is grainy suffers from driver issues so suffering from qc problems and is worse than that of a dt 880? Nah, I discount you immediately and remove the guide. Just my opinion though.


Have you seen Zeos review of these? he says pretty much the same thing lol

Yeah the DT1990 i read. he says “driver death issues” not sure if thats what i think it means. maybe it was something they had a problem with a time ago. As for the grain, my Helios has the same problem, on most tracks its fine but on a few you’ll hear grain. maybe thats what hes talking about

He described 990 and the philips lineup as all muddy and the 1990 as grainy. x2 hr fidelio I can agree to being a little muddy and the like but definitely not 990 or shp9500. I definitely didn’t get any grain on my 1990s so like I said my opinion. Definitely to each their own but its definitely not a guide I agree with at all

oh yeah! he put the 4xx under terrible value. I dont like it. I really think this headphone is overrated

aw man, he dumped on the meze 99 =(

He put Aivas up high but doesn’t mention that they most definitely lack a bass presence despite being a planar and have a very high treble presence to some people who can find sibilant

I think the Avia has good bass. yeah the treble is high on it but not too bad.

I found the bass very lacking while it was bright I had to equalize to have a good enough bass for a respectable planar. I want my bass “slam” so to speak. If the bass doesn’t really seem like it’s there it completely throws me off.

Wow, he says the Utopia is his favorite hes heard. but lists it as Neutral

The reviewer seems very biased towards “neutral” sounding headphones. He compares quite a few to the hd 600 and stands by the Focal stating its neutral. He also seems to fail to understand the difference between a V shape to a Neutral-Bright signature. Calling the Sundara a V signature? Nah.