Would a Drop + THX AAA™ 789 power the 600ohm beyer?

By power i dont mean like, half volume, i mean can they hurt my ears if i crank them up?

Yes, but imo it wouldn’t sound the best, I would personally suggest a different amp (for many reasons) with the 880

why, you want a tube for it or something?

Tube works nicely as well, but I would say for solid state to look into an asgard 3 imo, much better pairing for a few reasons, the single ended out of the 789 doesn’t sound that great, the asgard 3 does a better job at controlling the beyer treble, and also imo just drives it better in general, it’s a more balanced sound but more colored than the thx. I also think the asgard 3 does a better job with timbre, spatial recreation, control, and overall refinement out sound

do you dislike the thx amp in general?

M0N (along with a few other members of the forum) are known to… How do I put this nicely… dislike THX AAA amps


Probably not. The Emotiva BasX A100 gives 600mw in 600 ohm. The 789, in single ended, gives 100mw at 600 ohm. That’s why some people mod it to balance so they can use the higher power of the 789 (400mw at 600 ohm).


For the most part, but even putting that aside, it’s not ideal for single ended on the 789. If you had to have a thx, the sp200 would do you better imo as it has better single ended performance. I still would say the thx isn’t my first go to though

The thing is though that it’s really not needed, you can power the 880 600 ohm off a mangi heresy or 3+, or a liquid spark more than just fine. I personally wouldn’t buy a basx a100 for a 880 as I think you don’t need the power it can offer and also loose out on a higher quality sound as driving headphones the basx doesn’t preform as well as a similarly priced headphone amp from my experience

im not ever buying schiit
i actually just dont like them
the 789 at 150 competes with the magni, not 200+ amps
compare those

If that’s the case, then the monolith liquid spark is a good match if you don’t mind a bit of a warmer sound. There is also stuff like the lake people g103-s that drives them very well

What are you wanting a comparison of? (just to check)

I mean all the schiit products I bought have broken, but I still went in on a Bifrost 2 cause why tf not (at M0Ns repeated recommendation).

Is there any reason in particular you dislike them so much?

i dont care for the sound as much as most amps
and their gimmick is the $99 range, idk why people look at them for anything else.
I would get anything else and any other price range LOL

What have you heard from them before? I really really disliked their magni 3 and modi 3, and wasn’t a fan of their older products either in the high end. So far though their newer products have impressed me

i mean you went up $100 to recommend another thx amp
compare the 789 im looking at and something i will compare it to
the magni

I just thought the OP already had a 789 and wondered if it could power the DT880 they plan on getting rather than the other way around. Then I just worked on how much power the BasX has, and what we can get away with down the line. I personally think I could run the DT880 off the single ended TA-20.

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im just pretty set on getting one, im super interested in the amp
and the beyer question was more of a flirtation with an idea
i would rathewr buy some cans that are perfect for that amp lol
especially if the amp doesnt comfortably power them or if the amp makes the sound TOOOOOO sharp

If that’s the case then yes

The only person I have heard overstate the 880 600 demands that much is z, it’s really not that hard to drive as you say

If you are set on that amp, then imo I wouldn’t suggest a beyer as they tend to get overly aggressive and sharp, and aren’t ideal off single ended so it ends up being a mismatch from my experience

why do you keep saying single ended? can you explain that load of stuff?
i would balance that