🔷 xDuoo MT-602

This is the official thread for the xDuoo MT-602

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • RCA In and Pre Out, 1/4 inch and 3.5mm headphone out
  • 1.3w @ 32 ohm
  • Tube Hybrid

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Anyone using one of these? xDuoo released two budget tube Headphone amps. The MT-602 has 1.3 watts of power and can also work as a pre amp. My Koss kph30i,KSC75 and portapros will arrive next week. Can anyone give an idea of how would the MT-602 perform with those? I might get a 6xx in near future too.

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More discussion will ensue about these, need an “official” thread.
But having just plugged in a fresh set of KPH30i on these (was using Hifiman HE-5xx yesterday), hot damn these KPH30i sound really good.

I play a hypeman for the KPH, because I enjoy their form factor and convenience, and they great at their price point. I typically use them portably with not much more than phone/dongle/Fiio A3. Some say that they scale really well.

I’ll say… they are particularly enjoyable right now on my new MT-602.


Kph30i is an amazing headphone. Almost as good as hd58x without amping.
Btw, here’s a good review on the mt-602.

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I hate do make work for others, but is this how I do this?

@M0N Can we get an official thread going for the MT-602?

Should now be an official thread

Lol don’t worry about it, if you want an official thread made just @ me, haven’t been keeping up been busy lately


Udabest :heart_eyes:

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I order one but its on the slow boat. Anybody know what the stock tubes are or try tube swapping?

I got some GE tubes I want to try in it.

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Could someone link some compatible tubes to buy that would be great

Highly tempted to pick up one of these, for ~ $100 not much to lose

I ordered one! Should be here in 2-3 weeks :smiley:

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Same! Really excited to dip my toes.

Oooh yah! These will be my ‘first’ tubes :smiley:

Ach yes… 2-3 weeks they said; “Arriving 12 May - 5 Jun”

It has arrived! Got it set up before baby got up from a nap so not testing till later. Have it set up between my su9 and basX A100.

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Is the only tube that will fit in this amp a 6J1? Seems like the Riverstone audio are the go to…

If you go here there is a list of the designations that are the same as the 6J1. I have a pair of Sylvania 6AK5.

Thank you!

Mine have another month to go almost.
So, is the baby awake yet? how do they sound!!!

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So… amazon lied to me. This puppy wasn’t suppossed to arrive for another month. Not complaining though!


Sorry for the delay! I’m mainly using it to warm up the sound for my speakers (JBL530+BassxA100) and it’s been working really well. As far as headphones I use the Focal Elegias switching between an SH9 and the Tube boi.

It’s def a warmer sounding unit and I think it fits great in my set up. I find that music that was recorded for radio play tends to sound way better at the sacrifice of detail, hello Third Eye Blind. Im happy with the purchase and for the price it’s a nice accent to the SH9.