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  • ES9038Q2M DAC, Bluetooth5 up to LDAC, RCA In and Out, USB, coax, and optical in
  • 3000mW @ 32ohms of tube power
  • Powerful tube dac amp combo

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Z Reviews…

Looks pretty sweet

mmm…a combo DAC / Tube Amp. COOL!

Well, the xduoo ta10 exists as well for a much lower price too, I just haven’t heard this one

for that price, I’m surprised it doesn’t have balanced output.

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Although the price makes me cry

I don’t really care if it sounds better lol

Ooh. How did you like the ta 10? Have you tried the ta 20?

do any of the portables function as just a DAC out? would be neet to blind test the 05, 10, 20, 30 and 03S.

I thought the ta10 is pretty solid for what it is, a great pick for a hybrid combo in that range. The ta20 is also even better but you do also have to get a dac as well

The 05 has a line out, I think the 10 has a line out, the 20 is an amp only, and the 30 seems to have a line out

I meant the portable DAC/Amps…since they don’t have an actual stand alone DAC product.

So, TA-20 but full tube, give the DAC back, add a power tube, give it bluetooth, and make it thinner, but take away balanced?

Wow, $1,000.00 in Canuck bucks! I just paid $200.00 for the TA-20. I don’t need Bluetooth or a DAC. I also like the thought of balanced as an option.

Weird too since it could be balanced since it’s running ECC82 tubes, maybe they wanted the SET sound? Or maybe it’s internally balanced via Solid State Phase Splitter similar to the Woo WA22 (The Newer Ones)? I don’t think they would use the ECC82s for that in this case since they’re amplifying, unless it’s a Hybrid, in which case the ECC82 ARE the phase splitters, so it is “Balanced” just no XLR input/output?

3 Watts though is quite alot, especially in this configuration, and even more impressive if it is SET and not some weird Phase-Splitting Balanced type thing using what is similar to a 12AU7 and not a 12AT7 (More Gain on an AT than an AU).

Its over priced


Have you heard it? It is pricy but if it sounds the part then I don’t know if it’s overpriced

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I bet you they’ll release a version of this, balanced but without the BT and DAC similarly to what they did with the TA-10 and TA20.

That would be pretty neat, would be a competitor to something like the liquid platinum

Now on massdrop for 640

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