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  • 3.5mm input, 3.5mm spdif in, usb in, 1/4 inch headphone out, 3.5mm line out
  • AK4490 32/384, 500mw @ 32 ohms
  • Bass boost

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I was thinking about getting this(along with the Bluetooth adapter) as a portable DAC/AMP but then a friend of mine said the FiiO BTR5 would be better and cheaper. From what I have seen THis XD-05 is more powerful. But the specs to compare both fully are hard to do =.

Lol I’d buy the xd05 over the btr5 in a heartbeat unless you’re using iems. Just be sure to get a Burson v5i later and swap opamps. Not sure if the basic needs a single or dual chip.

well Id be using IEMs and headphones so a good mix of both so still xd-05?. But what is your reasons for the xd-05 over BTR5?

I have the BTR3, BTR3K, BTR5, Topping NX4, and now the Xduoo-05 Basic. I think the 05 and BTR5 sound the best. The 05 is softer and has a wider soundstage than the BTR5. The BTR5 is more detailed and has the app that can set EQs.

how do they do with different IEMs and headphones? And how good is the BTR5 when it comes to car mode and streaming music?

For iems I would definitely go with the BTR5. The XD-05Basic is more suited for harder to drive headphones.

I don’t like IEMs, so I just have headphones.

This or Ifi zen dac? I mainly used 58x jubilee and thinking to get my first dac/amp combo, don’t really bothered with the features I just want something that sounds good for music

I got my first set of proper headphones yesterday(58x jubilee… Thanks Zeos), my start down the rabbit hole. I am looking at the XD-05 Basic as my first amp/dac and I like the switch you have between battery and external power, and I love the orange lights/leds, sometimes I will use it as a portable unit but mostly it’ll be for desktop use and I like that I can bypass the battery then. Xduoo does have a balanced version (XD-05 Bal) that should release any day now so that is another option I am looking at depenting on price and if it will have Bluetooth integrated. The Zen dac looks awesome but I want the portability of the XD-05.

How would the Nighthawk Carbons sound on this?

I would personally get a desktop setup (jds atom stack, topping e30/l30, liquid spark stack, magni modi) and get a portable one later (btr5, xd05 basic/plus, q5s) if your primary use is going to be desktop use. Especially more so if you drive a car, which will severely limit your portable unit use.

ight now I’m planning to buy a dac amp that has an internal battery and bluetooth so that I can both use it for gaming on pc or listening to music with my phone anywhere. Is this the best dac amp for that under $140? (its php7000 in my country)

Just keep in mind that it does not come with Bluetooth built in. There is a separate module that connects to give Bluetooth connectivity. The description can be a little misleading in the way it’s phrased.

Is there a better dac amp for gaming or this is already really good but portable for its price?

Not a gamer and haven’t heard the XD05, so couldn’t really say, but I mostly hear good things. Just didn’t want you to get it expecting it to have Bluetooth out of the box.

The only other option in that price range are the fiio btr5 or the es100, but those two are designed for IEM use and will lack the power of the xd05 to drive full-sized headphones.

XDuoo XD-05 Basic or FiiO K5 Pro for music (rock, electronic) and gaming (not multiplayer)? I use Philips Fidelio X2HR

I have a Basic and rather like it. It trades a touch of power for a cleaner DAC and smaller form factor versus the K5.

Keep in mind you have to run USB/fiber input and USB power from any wall wort if you’re running it as a desk.

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