XDUOO XD-05 vs XDUOO XD-05 Plus

I am looking a portable amp for my travels.
Currently I am looking at XDuoo xd-05 but I am not sure if it worth spending an extra $176 for the plus version.
what does everyone think?

Headphone I generally take are
Bose BC 35
Koss KPH30iW
Sennheiser HD 58X

So not particularly hard headphone to drive

The plus can support DSD I believe, as well as a slightly higher DAC chip. Check this out.

It all depends on if you value the upgrades in the plus as how much more the plus is over the regular.

With the headphones you take, I would say you don’t really need the plus, but if you can get the plus I would say go for it

Xduoo XD-05 Plus go for $234 now with coupon code: HIFIGO5
This deal will be end 4 days left

XDuoo XD05 Plus review from HansBarbarossa on head-fi.org

Can the plus pre-out to powered monitors?

I don’t think so, I believe it’s only line out.

This makes me a sad panda :pensive:

The fiio q1 mk2 can act as a pre out because it has a variable out if you want that

I have rp60s and I don’t want to have to max out the amp. I’d like the new element II but is pricey. :confused:

Ah, yeah that wouldn’t be the best then, for portables, you could try to find a used ifi idsd micro or micro bl as that would be the idea portable for the t60 if you can find a good price on them

You meant T60RPs, probably, but one google search and… Fostex RP60 speakers exist. Oh well!

Ha. Yes, sorry I mean’t T60rp. And I will look into that. I like the idea of having a small minimal yet powerful desk setup. I saw the iloud micros on sale for 200 and was going to jump, then the next day they were back to 350 sad face.

Xduoo XD-05 Plus Black version released

I’ve decided to give the Fiio btr5 I try. It says there’s only 15 available on Amazon and its $115.00. If it doesn’t do well on the t60rps then I can always return it or keep it for my iems/car.

Looks good in black…
…Apparently they chose this instead of doing grey bluetooth adapters. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just received mine and I love it so far, it has woken up my Jubilees and Audio Technicas ATH-R70x. In fact I just ordered an ATH AD 1000X

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The 1000x is pretty good too, probably my favorite competitive gaming can, and really nice for certain tracks as well

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Just got mine in today. Brief listen, definitely an improvement over the topping nx4. Now have power to drive my aeolus when I’m over at my SO’s. :smiley:


Anyone took the plunge on this for $220 at Drop, with the BT module for $45 more? Hopefully other sites are willing to price match this.