🔶 XENNS Mangird Tea 2

This is the official thread for the Mangird Tea 2

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Type: In Ear
  • Amp needed: No but better with
  • Driver Type: 1DD + 6BA

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Z Reviews…


First post is a Tea Cult post.




I’d be curious if Tea MK2 can compete with EJ07m - could save some cash while getting “a taste of the top,” to quote Crin lolll


A taste of the top, yes
Compete, NO


Stage presentation of EJ07m is hard to come by at this price point, but I’ve seen pigs fly and planar murdering stuff for 150usd so…

Finger on the trigger first, questions later :rofl:


There is no way for Tea 2 to upgrade 07m, it’s just the sweet sound signature of the brand with very good technical parameters. I am nostalgic for OG Tea. But I think there will be at least 1-2 things he will do better than 07m, I’m sure. Sooner or later everyone will buy it, regardless of the review! :wink: :guitar:

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Hey folks, guess what, we’re still in month 1 of 2022 :joy: so many good products already - what a year it’s turning out to be!


Was thinking about the same… Just in the following months we are getting:

  • Olina
  • Teas mk2
  • SE Volume
  • Kinda Lava
  • Dunu upcoming offers
  • Many others to come

:upside_down_face: :money_with_wings: :fire:


Topping BT update to NX7 :see_no_evil:

Legends say if you look into a mirror and say tea 3x @nymz will appear and tell you about it’s virtues :heart_eyes::exploding_head::partying_face: XD


Just one some simple DAC module added for 50$ extra and that would be the dream device… This AUX in the front is killing it for my desktop use case

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With the amount of hype today, u just need to say it twice :rofl:

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The only portable amp I’ll consider using for desktop is XD05 Bal, with a switch to swap between external power or battery power. Hella useful

chough Gryphon cough Dethonray Honey H1 cough

I know they cost double, just trolling. Regarding NX7, is my favourite source, but the reason I need another is because sometimes I just want some fun and warmth. NX7 is dead clean AF.

Regarding the front In, yeah, could be worse, but I have a 0.5m aux cable so doesn’t botter me much.

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Currently I am using hip dac (basically killing the battery), so the bar for use convenience is not set very high, you know :thinking:

I was initially waiting for the availability of DX3Pro+ in Poland dead sure that it would replace it at my office, but just recently I discovered that I may want use some large headphones at home instead of IEMs for comfort. It is here where some portable DAC/AMP would be great to carry to and from office (my DAP had 80mW at 32ohm only). NX7 + dongle DAC may do, but not ideal if I spend 200+$…
Maybe NX4 dsd would be good, but that is basically hip dac with better measurements.

1st world problems

Ed: xd-05 bal is outside my budget. XD05 plus is just on the edge


Or “tuning” out to be!


Very well said. Reconfiguration and refinement of Tea. But upgrading to 07m - NO. Upgrade to Tea OG, probably yes. As I said a few days ago - Tea 2 can be a small Monarch MK2!

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i had the xd05 plus and there’s a notable hiss with a lot of iems, i wouldn’t use it for that, for headphones it’s pretty much best in class imo, you could try an ifi iematch with it, i never did

Just wondering, what Amp/DAC do y’all use for your Teas? :thinking: