🔶 Yamaha YH-5000SE

I actually caught HiFiMan being on my thread on Head-Fi. The pressure is on!

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Idk, I lost respect for HiFiMan after I saw what they did with the HE-R10.

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While the concept in my mind is whatever/fine, the comments/suggestions by fang were a bit inflammatory lol. Wouldn’t be the first time someone’s tried to recreate an r10, but would be the first time it was done on this large of a scale/company. I don’t really know if I lost respect for them too much personally from that. Real r10 prices are entirely unreasonable at this point, impossible to get, the demand is there, so it made sense but they could have gone about it in a more tactful manner. Not like it measured up to the real r10 at all from what I gather anyways lol, although have yet to hear one myself

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The disrespect with that release! They should be ashamed of themselves, putting out such a can of sh*t on the market at that price. There was no apparent scale, not in my eyes. Scale as in such a large company having a take on it? Sure.

ES Labs is a good example of what scale means. It clearly did it research to take on such a legendary headphone, and it did it well from what I am hearing. The quality is there, and the price is justified.

HiFiMan, for me, has become the staple of “Ch****e shit”. I get that they make good-sounding things at a budget, but come on, after so many years delivering that sort of quality?! That’s robbery of their loyal customers.

I had an opportunity to hold the almighty Susvara in hand, what a disappointment. Actually, that was the moment I was like, you know what, I can’t respect this. I drew the line then.

Yeah I was more meaning as in most all r10 recreations prior were smaller more almost handmade/diy level of company. Not speaking to product quality lol. So scale being size of company and number being sold/released

Did a good job with the es-1a, would imagine their r10 was also great

To me they’ve become a staple of value and quality at most all ranges for planar. Not in company/customer service, not in build, but in sound. Like the 400se, edition xs, og 400 and 500 are top class for a planar at their price points, in the higher end same with the he6, susvara and heks, and their top estat is also pretty awesome. If they didn’t perform, I wouldn’t really care about them, but they’ve stuck around for a reason, and I wouldn’t say it’s for their shit sound lol. They’ve consistently been terrible with their dynamics though

On the customer service note, since I know it will be brought up, qc is indeed lackluster at the more budget ranges, but that being said as long as you bought from a proper seller and have the purchase info doing anything with warranty or such is pretty painless and they’ve been reasonably accommodating to me at least. As one example, had a he560v1 headband snap, and all they asked were pictures of the headband and just mailed me a new one within a few days, I’d say that’s pretty reasonable. But that’s beyond the point and not relevant lol. I’m not really interested in trying to defend hifiman but I wouldn’t consider their products shit at least

Personally think the build of the susvara is just fine, not on par with others in the range, but it’s also one of the most comfortable flagships I’ve worn, and I’ve not had any issues with said build, so to me I don’t really care as that’s plenty fine for me considering sound quality


Fair enough.

I am a very harsh critic, especially when it comes to anything in the >$2000 category. I have a very good understanding of how much a dollar costs, and the standards that must be met are equally as high as the price. HiFiMan has no excuses — they have the size, they have the money, where’s the problem? The pockets aren’t full enough? No. It’s greed, in my eyes.

Damn it, we’re already off-topic :sob:

Basically the test for me is the simple question of “am I getting what I pay for” and with things like the susvara it’s an easy yes in sound, and I just understand that’s what I’m paying for rather than fit and finish, and it justifies the price alone for me (also comfort too). If I wanted something with better build for a similar range then I could go with something like a meze elite, but I’d be getting less in sound, and since sound is my priority I’d rather not do that. It’s not like compromise doesn’t exist at this price point, if you had truly excellent everything you’d find things to explode in price or become unfeasible lol.

As another example, take the 1266, that headphone is well built and has a sound that while I’d put lower than the susvara is still somewhat in a similar ballpark on some setups, but it’s way less comfortable than the susvara and imo still not matching the susvara in overall sound quality in most cases. Basically compromise has to happen somewhere, and I’m perfectly fine with the compromise hifiman took with the susvara for my own personal priorities, and I haven’t really seen many mfg outdo the susvara at what it does with better build and fit and finish to boot. Does this mean other headphones aren’t worth it and susvara are the one true headphone lol? Hell no, it’s just a real solid can in the price range and for me has really stood the test against a lot of others, I don’t even use it much anymore and find myself using others, but every time I do use it I def don’t regret owning it over other potential options

Anywayssss back on topic, will be curious to get impressions on the headphone when it comes out, what it pairs well with, and any comparisons with other cans in a similar range if possible. Would be most interested in comparisons to something like the final d8kp given both are circular drivers from what I remember

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I think some already shared their opinions on this. But it’s nothing serious, because they didn’t get too much time with the YH-5000SE at the shows where they were available for listening.

Hopefully there will be more in-depth comparison once it’s delivered to the customers

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Anyone know of a tour I might be able to get into on this thing? I know opinions on it are going to be scarce for quite a while but I’m super interested in these for some reason.

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1 sexy headphone and cable combo… I’ll give her a poke in 24 months when she hits ~$2.5k.


It is what I saw at Stereonet
Yamaha’s YH-5000SE will be available in April 2023 and will sell for $7,499 RRP in Australia. The standard version YH-5000 will follow in Q3 2023 and is expected to sell for $5,999 RRP. Local pricing has not yet been confirmed.

But I just now saw WhatHifi and they are saying January 2023
– the new YH-5000SE headphones are due on sale in January 2023.

so :man_shrugging: I dunno
Did not mean to alarm ya lol

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Yamaha Audio JP (instagram, twitter, and official website) state that the pre-orders will be open from December 9th, and that the units will start shipping in late December.

I guess that the dates will vary in different places. Perhaps the above-mentioned information is only valid for Japan.

Also, damn, that Q3 information for the standard version. Ouch. The patience needed—:broken_heart:

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It appears as though they removed this part… It’s either:
a) Incorrect
b) They were not supposed to share that information

Interesting. Very, interesting.

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Well that’s suspicious…

Yeah just went and looked after seeing your post and saw this.

Yamaha’s YH-5000SE will be available in April 2023 and will sell in North America for $4,999 USD + tax.

Maybe they are referring to the availability in Australia but then why confuse with USD pricing when yesterday they had it in AUD?

Just have to wait an see I suppose. I am sort of intrigued and have now forgotten all about Nutopia… I dig the look of the Yamaha and I really enjoyed the D8Kpro (it just did not stay on my head well enough and made it uncomfortable). If the YH-5K sounds as good or better than the D8K, and also different enough to be a compliment to the Susvara that would be sweet. That price tag - wow, def not a blind-buy purchase.


I think the ideal price of the YH-5000 would be $3500. It’s likely going to be $4000, but I guess we’ll have to wait. Maybe people will be able to get it for $3500 with a nice dealer’s discount :wink:

And yes, the press is confusing us…

If you haven’t already, I strongly suggest you follow the YH-5000SE thread on Head-Fi, where I’m very active and up to date with anything related to these headphones.

For example, yesterday I discovered two Japanese videos about the YH-5000SE. Combined, they are over 2h long. Also, we get a chance to hear directly from the Yamaha team in both videos.

If anyone’s Japanese or speaks Japanese, perhaps you can translate and sum up what they are about?

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So, you know how I posted the two Japanese videos above?

Well, we’ve had a true gentleman from Japan translate the first video, and I strongly suggest you read it: Yamaha YH-5000SE — a flagship from an orthodynamic headphones veteran! | Page 16 | Headphone Reviews and Discussion - Head-Fi.org




I haven’t done comparisons with other hps yet on this specific chain (though i can make some generalizations), other than the mysphere. Things like cables, pad swaps, amp/DAC combos, i haven’t gotten around to it yet. But here’s my experience with it so far…

The BIG Picture

Current main chain:
Auralic Aries G2 (PSU mod) via lightning DS →
LinnenberG Satie DA Converter (IIR filter) →
Crayon Audio CHA-1 →
Yamaha YH-5000 (stock leather pads)
[all connected to a PS Audio Power Plant 3 outfitted with Allnic ZL technology cables (from digital to analog to power) / all components are isolated with Gingko isolation products]

In general the YH5K, to me, goes for a very “clean analytical” approach. What do I mean by this? In a sense, its goal is to showcase clarity and resolution to the max. I don’t think this translates to being natural or true-to-life but there’s also nothing wrong with that. Tonally, I’d classify this as a neutral-bright headphone on this setup.

One of the two main standouts of this headphone is its extreme treble presentation, and I do find it on the brighter side of what I’d consider neutral. It is supremely extended, energetic, and airy while being very delicate at the same time. In other words, the treble is front and center but it’s never harsh or piercing, assuming synergy is on point. As a result, I think the YH5K handles organic music very well giving it a great sense of energy and life. There’s almost a sense of heightened clarity but without sounding artificial as to cause problems and, in effect, ends up sounding hyper accentuated which isn’t really realistic, but damn is it engaging. How they pulled off this kind of balance in the treble while delivering so much is really something.

The second main standout is its “traditional” but very open stage. What do I mean by “traditional”? Basically, you have a very defined stage boundary on your left and on your right (ie. right where the earcups are), resulting in a direct line of sight toward the center stage. And within the center stage is a very open, free, and layered view. Although it’s not a very wide stage, the depth and focus more than makeup for it. It sort of forces you to look forward toward the music rather than to the sides of your head or behind.

To briefly address its weaknesses, the YH5K lacks some impact in the fundamental notes (ie. sub-bass). It extends just fine but there’s not enough weight and impact behind it. Overall, it’s not a big issue with most music I played through it but it is a bit disappointing. However, the upper harmonics (ie. mid-bass) are punchy, fast, and tight with some nice added warmth (ie. not lacking in quantity to me), despite it being neutral-bright on this setup. The overall bass here is actually very good and I feel like I’m underselling it here with my explanation, but it gets overshadowed by how standout the treble is that I’m unable to give it justice.

Next up, I think the timbre and tonal density lean a bit dry here so for the dedicated timbre heads, you probably have better options out there. Personally, I don’t think it’s a big issue considering the presentation it goes for but it’s still worth mentioning. I will say that the YH5K handles texture very well so I think that balances the lean timbre a bit. In addition, you do get an upper-mid emphasis so the upper-harmonics do get emphasized over the lower.

What I think are standouts:

  • extreme treble extension, delicacy, energy, and air
  • very great resolving power and microdynamics
  • traditional yet very open stage presentation
  • very nice energy and handling of texture
  • a natural sense of dynamics

What I think could be improved:

  • stage width
  • sub-bass impact
  • tonal density could be richer
  • timbre might not satisfy the dedicated