🔶 Yanyin Audio Canon

This is the official thread for the Yanyin Canon

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Type: In Ear
  • Amp needed: No But Better With
  • Driver Type: 4BA 1DD

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So far, @MMag05, @rattlingblanketwoman, and @hawaiibadboy have the Canon on hand. I will have two in the coming weeks, and will be selling one (long story why I have two inbound…). I’ll post a review soon (but please bear in mind I’m no pro).

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@rattlingblanketwoman has also posted a series of impressions on the IEM Discussion Thread, starting with this one: IEM discussion thread - #2658 by rattlingblanketwoman.
Muchas gracias buddy!

This thread is needed in my opinion. The Iem and the Serial are worthy of threads that go into depth. I own a 40 and well it’s taken a while to consider Penon again but color me very interested

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Finally here! More unboxing photos to follow! Review coming next weekend (crazy work week coming up). Penon got it to me in 10 days :trophy: @hawaiibadboy @rattlingblanketwoman @MMag05 @nymz


Looking forward to review. I am interested how good as I am looking to move on from my Blessing 2. I am curious as to how it compares to Serial and how it compares to the Lava. Like to get really good dd and one top hybrid set. The Lava and the RSV are more my end game decision then I got to get off here lol. I still think there will be a planar that is end game in the next year :smiley_cat: for a solid price. I do love my Timeless and must repeat do not go planar crazy lol. :+1:


I don’t think my review will be able to help you much - I don’t have the B2 on-hand, and I don’t have any other hybrids with me at the moment. @hawaiibadboy is the ideal person for doing the type of review you’re looking for. In fact, he’s working on a Hybrid Wars video, and I think he’s going to include the B2 Dusk and some other renowned sets for comparison.

I do, however, have the S12 and the Olina (in lieu of the O2, which I just sold), so I’ll compare against those sets. I had the Aladdin but sold it a few weeks ago, and I don’t wan to rely on memory, so I don’t have any other hybrids for comparison.


Congratz :slight_smile: hope you enjoy it!

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Hey any input is info as long as it is solid. I know some one else who could do a great review right oh cult leader

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Did you cancel your previous order or is that still “in transit”?

Still in transit… Such a bad experience!

Im out of cash for Canon atm :joy:

I’m in Portugal again in July. Could look into sending it to you!

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That could be interesting. We can also time it so I send you stuff and you drol it back when you are here.

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Unboxing photos & some glamour shots


  • 1 box of tips (a bit scant tbh, for 350 USD RRP, but I happen to really like their tips)
  • 1 tool to adjust tuning switches
  • 1 nice leathery case. Big enough to actually fit the IEM
  • 1 awesome cable (albeit the recessed part of the connector is waaayy too long. Will explain in the review)

“Belongs to the audiophile” - one of the rare occasions where a Chifi slogan is grammatically correct! This Canon does belong to an audiophile - moi :sunglasses:



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Can’t what to hear your feedback. I absolutely love mine but, I’m horrible at articulating my thoughts with IEMs. Currently a work in process for me. Excited to see what a more seasoned audiophile has to say about them.


How do they compare with the moondrop kato?

I would also like to see a comparison, I want to venture to buy them, but what stops me is that it is not as reviewed as models like the blessing 2

I’m new and sorry if I wrote that, but I want to skip the whole mid fi line and go for these yanyin canon, I come from bl03 and a V signature, I want to make a big jump