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This is the official thread for the Yanyin Moonlight

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Driver Type: 1DD 4BA 2EST
  • Amp needed: No But Better With

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Z Reviews…


Not to be that guy but didn’t this thread come a little too late? :sweat_smile:

Not too sure but it was asked for :+1:

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Definitely a little late considering how fast this hobby moves, but I’ve heard nothing but stellar words regarding the moonlight!

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I had it for a brief time and it was a really great quality set. Nothing offensive and definitely a unique (i.e. not harmon) tuning which I really appreciated. The only reason I didn’t keep it is because I am not big on having multiple mid/hi end sets as I don’t have that much listening time and the IE600 was more inline with my preferences


Ironically, i was listening to the Moonlight when i saw this thread. I’m enjoying a trip through some test tracks. ‘Wish You Were Here’ (Pink Floyd)- details in the into are forward in the mix, so the rhythm and solo guitars are nearly the same definition and dynamnic. Details are forward in ‘Letter’ (Yosi Horikawa). Crisp attacks in mids. Bass - ‘Atlas - Live at the Fillmore’ (The Wood Brothers) - decent bass depth and quantity; I’d prefer a little more texture and definition. Same with ‘Flight of the Cosmic Hippo’ (Bela Fleck). The bass is immersive, however, and there is a good mid-bass punch in ‘Royals’ (Lorde). Treble is pleasing without percussion or vocal sibilance in ‘Atlas’ and ‘Code Cool’ (Patricia Barber). Vocals in 'Bohemian Rhapsody ’ and ‘Come Home’ (New York Voices) are balanced. Vocals are at same dymanics as instruments. The soundstage seems average. Overall, it’s and enjoyable experience. For my ear, I would prefer more dymanic contrast, especially with micro-details that are brought forward…and a little more separation with vocals and instruments. Pleasing without a ‘wow factor’.

There are no graphs up on squig.link yet, so here is Crinacle’s…


HBB has a graph of both the moonlight and the mahina

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! Important

  1. Don’t want to write this review on HeadFi, bocause I think they destroy me :sweat_smile:. So much positive reviews and all of them saying that every region “perfectly balanced”
  2. I test them on Hiby FC4 (dongle 320mW 60$). Some people saying that it’s to low for to “HiFi” IEMs.
  3. Testing them on stock cable (Some saying that stock cable trash)
  4. They don’t fit for me ideal (Personally using Azla Vivid Edition SS, but it was still big for my ears)

Don’t want to write a lot, but only my personal honestly opinion about them.

Main Though

Fit and comfort. Really bad for small ears fit, so hard to choose tips for them. I want diameter less then 10mm, but I haven’t.
Subbass. No it hasn’t. If you like dance energy for your tracks don’t choose them.
Bass. It here, but only when track has it bass and not enough to me (I listen Hifiman Edition XS, and they have enough bass and sub too).
Mid. Doesn’t emphasing emotion and it sad to me (Edition XS do mids much better to me).
Treble. I like planar treble. Didn’t hear anything outstanding from electrostatic driver :person_shrugging:t2:.
Details retrieval. Better then all that I had listening!


Maybe I haven’t equipment for listening this IEM with them full potential or maybe it’s overhyped set on HeadFi forum. In any case, you need to listen with your ears with your library, but this is my honest opinion about them
Overall this set only for work with music or listening in the background, so as not to distract (You want listening to music without emotions? Really? I don’t. *drops the microphone)


P.S. Not sure if 3db will fix all the problems in the HBB version of this IEMs, but if still choosing between Mahina and Moonlight choose the second

I’m getting a Mahina soon. It’s eeriely similar to the UP which I had and enjoyed, it just had… Say it with me: a bit too much bass.
Mahina dials the bass back quite a bit and that fact together with having Knowles BAs instead of Sonion, I hope will be just enough for that kind of tuning to shine. :crossed_fingers:

I have heard from some that it works best with clean single ended outputs so I’ll be using that.

Moonlight or Mangird Top? :thinking: :thinking:

Maybe also you want check my compilations of information about Xenns Top :wink:: 🔶 XENNS Mangird Top - #2 by Alfeov

Someone noticed that exists a 2023 version of the Moonlight? Same price of the first version (649 $)

  • Seven Driver Tribrid configuration (1PET-DD+4BA+2EST).

  • 10mm Newly Developed Bio-Diaphragm Dynamic Driver with PET Diaphragm.

  • Four Imported Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers.

  • Dual Danish Sonion Electrostatic Drivers.

  • Four-way frequency crossover with four independent acoustic tube structures.

  • Hand-Molded Craftsmanship, Intricately Detailed Like Moonlight.

  • High-Purity Graphene Silver-Plated Cable.

  • Medical-Grade Resin Shells

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graph looks more or less the same plus driver config. Is the only difference a “new” DD?

That is the confusing thing, OG description.

It sounds to me they dont know what they are using, is it fully PET or Bio? Or, perhaps they mean a composite diaphragm using PET AND bio, in which case I assume it is PET surround and a bio dome diaphragm.


I don’t know. On linsoul I read “This model features an improved 10mm dynamic driver with a newly-developed PET diaphragm”.

On their fb page:

"You might not be able to tell from the Linsoul product page, but the Yanyin Moonlight has been completely redesigned for 2023:

  1. totally redesigned DD driver which is better sounding (we say) as well as more reliable long term (the data definitely say)
  2. added front venting for eliminating driver flex for a more open sound, comfortable wear and again more reliability long term
  3. redesigned IEM shell with more universal curves that fit 99.9% of ears (more than the previous iteration) while retaining CIEM styling"

Yeah it is very unclear what diaphragm the DD actually is.

But there are more mentions on it being PET only, which aligns with the claim about better long term reliability as bio ones can have issues with moisture.

Interesting that it has added front venting and still manages to hit the same FR

They simply need to change some other damping in it to balance it out.

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