Your guilty ❤️ sets

Got a few but OG P1 when given hybrid tube funk :zap: is :blush:


guilty sets? pfft, this is about audio enjoyment, there is no guilt…only persecution from one’s better half, which puts the ‘better’ part into question! :joy:

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:fire: :heart_on_fire:

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Campfire mammoth with that delicious biodynamic bass.

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Klipsch HP3 – I sometimes choose it over the Focal Clear OG and Sennheiser HD800S. They’re THAT engaging for me, and they sound awesome with my portable DAP, so it stays in rotation :headphones:


Depends on what you mean by guity love sets.

If its something I would rec others it would be the Fiio FD7. It’s had a rough start but our cult is slowly growing.

For something I would seriously recommend demoing First before buying it would be the audio technica AWKT. It is a very open sounding closed back. Laid back yet mid forward and very fast and musical. It’s something that lays bare all the garbage I listen to yet it’s so enjoyable and I can listen to it for hours on end. My biggest issue is the stock cable doesn’t do this amazing headphone justice. The more transparent the cable the better as it showcases the strength of the AWKT being a very well behaved yet chest thumping when needed.

Could gush on forever on the AWKT since it’s almost like it was tuned for my tastes sounding natural.

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