Your Top 5 IEMs right now that you are using?

Than you clumsy typing now correctly done.

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ME600 EH! I agree hidden gem love thoose dual 6mm Bio drivers!


Ok another update to the list of what I am using right now in terms of IEMs I have as of 18th of June based on my time zone.

  1. Simgot EA1000 - This right here is one the best IEMs I have ever bought and of course the one item that got me back into purchasing hifi-related stuff for I was in a break for a long time due to various reasons. What I loved about the EA500s are pretty much improved here on the EA1000s. My main nitpicks would be the same old stock tips, the stock cable being not modular for the price and the treble of it can be a bit of a pain in the ass on some tracks, somehow improved with the recent Divinus tips I put on it.

  2. Simgot EM6L - Still good to listen to, especially when I am in mood for a set that needs a bit more bass on certain tracks that emphasizes the low. Still great for smooth listening when I am more inclined to listen to nothing but music all day. Also yeah the holographic sounds from these are more even noticeable after many months of me not thinking too much about the sound output I hear from it. A bit outdated now since the Simgot Supermix 4 is out.

  3. Simgot EA500 - Still a decent set although it’s been overtaken now by my EA1000s since imo, the 1000s are more clear than the EA500s imo. It’s like I got a silver medal previously, then at some point I finally got gold in terms of having clear sounds. EA500s are still no joke though and they are my go to set when I am in need of a break from the EA1000s when certain tracks with a lot of treble kills my ears.

  4. Tangzu X HBB Wu Zetian Heyday Edition - I admit I haven’t been using this set that often nowadays, but when I have used it again recently, I finally remembered on why I liked this so much when I first bought it back then. Still impressive to listen to, especially when I am in my analytical mood of listening to all of my library, for I think this is more neutral than my EA1000. Stock cable have seen better days for it’s really stiff now, at some point I need a replacement for it.

  5. ZiiGaat Nuo - I also call it the EM6L-lite due to a similar tuning I think, also still my beater set on the go when I am in need of IEM on the go without worrying about my expensive set being ruined. Never knew about anything about ZiiGaat back then and now I know about them somehow due to the recent releases by them from what I have seen and heard from users who bought their IEMs, are really good. So yeah what I love about the EM6L is right here as well although a bit of a downgrade like from 1080p to 720p, and not having that holographic sound from the EM6L, since it’s a 1DD duh.

  1. Ziigaat Doscinco
  2. Aful Explorer
  3. Mangird Tea2
  4. Mangird Tea
  5. Tripowin Kailua

I am pondering the Supermix 4, but really don’t need it.

  1. Sound Rhyme SR8 - The first all BA set I bought, and it has 14 drivers which is crazy but worth its price for sure. A great all-rounder that is very comfortable to wear, sounds dynamic, very musical, and plays complex music well. Could use a some more subbass and airiness but other than that, highly recommended and personally an endgame IEM.

  2. Aur Audio Ascension - The first tribrid I bought, and it took a while to actually enjoy it, but man was it worth it. The best vocal centric IEM I ever listened because it sounded warm, forward, thick, organic, well textured and lush. It definitely sounded a lot better than the Monarch MK3 imo, so that’s worth something. Could fix the comfiness as the nozzle hurts my ear canal for long use, tip rolling doesn’t help much either.

  3. Yanyin Canon 2 - My first ever IEM I bought, and it blew me away how organic and well textured the bass was. Also, a super relaxing IEM to listen to for hours on end and while it lacks some details and dynamics due to the way it sounded, I don’t mind the tradeoff as it sounded musical and relaxing for my first-time experience.

  4. Simgot EA1000 - Arguably the most beautiful IEM I ever seen due to its cool design and build quality. While it is very bright/fatiguing/sharp for energetic/dynamic sounds, it sounded really great for slower songs and the bass quality is great and lean. The bass never sounded boomy, just decently balanced with extra brightness.

  5. EPZ Q1 Pro - Great value for what it sounds. Also, a lean and decently balanced sounding IEM but I was surprised how holographic it sounded for the price I paid for. Can get shouty so reduce the pinna gain and tone down a bit in the treble region while increasing some of the subbass. But other than that, highly recommended for its affordable price.


I’m kinda exclusive on the SLT6 for music right now. Have tweaked Olinas, S8s and some older EEs as well other odds and ends in a drawer somewhere, LOL. I don’t use earphones enough to have all these and tend to listen to a higher % of in ear compared to open air when I get a new one so it’s fun.


Thie MMK3

Thie H10

FF Scarlet


CCA Hydro…I fuckin love this thing… for whatever reason I keep picking it up…best KZ to date buuut…
eventually will be embraced by a relative or friend

and a few that just started back in rotation…

UM Mest Mk2 ( :jp: version)…channel imbalance fixed

Thor Mjolnir Mk2…detailed

Thie Oracle Mk2…detailed


My current five iem’s making up my collection, in order of my favourite to least favourite:

  1. 64 Audio U12T
  2. Dunu Mirai
  3. Elysian Pilgrim
  4. Hisenior Mega5EST
  5. Dita Project M

My Current rotation in my first Box
Xenns Mangird UP
NiceHCK Himalaya
Dita Project M
Thieaudio Oracle


My current five, in order of most frequently used recently:

  1. Rikubuds Saber 3: My latest purchase. I did not put so much hope when reaching to this one but it turns out to be my favorite currently. Very relaxing.
  2. Softears Twilight: I purchased it after reading many positive opinion about this set. Did not disapoint though. Sounds very natural yet detail.
  3. Sennheiser IE 600: Very comfortable fit. Quite harsh treble, which makes me fattige during a long listening session - when compared the the above sets.
  4. Venture Electronic APWS: My first serious earbud purchase, after reading many high praise about it. Didnt like it at first - for a very long time/after many tries. However the its sound signature is getting to me lately or maybe i’m just getting used to it.
  5. Unique Melody Mest MkII: Purchasing after seeing a 50% sale. The most detail IEM in my collection. I struggle with the fit though. Getting fattige after 45 mins, the vent does not seem to work also.

Hooray for earbuds making it onto the list! Welcome!


Current 5 IEMs and earbud being used the most past month

Campfire Bonneville - My metal IEM, love the visceral and voluptuous sound.
634ears LOAK2-TX02 - Newest flagship from the maker, warm and technical single DD.
AüR Audio Aehta - Their quadbrid, warm, balanced and resolving.
DITA Audio Project M - One of the best neutral bright IEMs for the price.
Venture Electronics SMG - One of my faovorite buds, W shaped sound.


Hi Leonard.

Please how are tou liking the Aehta?.

I have the monarch mk3, batastur and dte900 in mind as well.

I had to create an account just to ask you this as not much reviews are out there (I also saw your head fi review)



Please how are the dte900 vocals?.

I have the ie600 as well so a comparison between both will make my day :slight_smile:


I like it alot, best AüR model for me and I bet most folks. The switches are well done, so you can switch it up after taste. My good friend @trouble also got it now :grin:

I would say versus your dte900 and Mmk3 the mids are more forward and balanced, even when using Aehta in 101 config. But it would be tough to really compare them as I sold away dte900 and hype 4 is my reference to Mmk3 as I have never heard it.


Thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:

I dont have the dte900 or the MMk3.

I meant that those are on my consideration list as well.

My current iem is the ie600 and slivo sl41 (i had the studio 4 as well).

I am looking for an iem to vlbe my endgame for the next year or 2

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What is it you are looking for in a new IEM?

I agree that Aehta in 101 seems more forward in the vocals, and even more so with the mid switch up. Aehta is extremely versatile and has easily the best switch implementations I have tried


I love vocals and airy/ sparkly treble. Bass is great as well so maybe a w shape if that exists.

I haven’t tried a lot of iem signatures to be fair so I’ll love an all rounder with great vocals

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Then use PEQ to try to experience more with the stuff you already got.


I’d argue that the Aehta in 111 setting is quite great then (being W-shaped). But Rikudou is right; best to try some via EQ first to save yourself the hassle in case it’s not quite what you had in mind

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