Your Top 5 IEMs right now that you are using?

I’ll probably try and grab a pair of Xenns Up at some point when I can find a good deal. They seem like they’d also be a good fit for me. But other than that the UM Mext is realistically my endgame right now.

Great bass, great mids, great vocals, great treble, wide soundstage, lots of detail. These are the sound I’ve been looking for.

I listen to rap, pop, EDM, rock, OST, and a little bit of classical type stuff. It plays everything very well.

I’d love to get the Legend EVO but it’s not likely to ever happen.

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Same exact reply to the T2 as well. It may not be as impressive as the current daily drivers that I am using right now, but it’s still a good set to use from time to time, and a reminder on how that one kickstarted my IEM journey, from using a shitty set of earphones to using the Seek Real Audio Airships now. Not much of a progress, but still a great progression despite the limited budget.

My list has changed (and shrunk) because after getting the Penon Vortex (which sounds great for me), I threw caution (and dollars) to the wind, and also purchased Penon Serials… smoother, fuller bass, maybe (also sounds great for me). So…

1.Penon Vortex
2. Penon Serial
3. Letshuoer S12
4. … unsure… I will likely try selling the other IEMs I have, and limit myself the three above for a while.

I also have a few earbuds… FiiO EM5 and Yincrow rw-2000 are the ones I keep picking up, so I will likely sell the other earbuds I have, too.

My problem is always size because I have really dinky ears, and dinky ear canals. Even my ear, nose, and throat doctor says, “You have really dinky ears, and dinky ear canals.” He says this every time I see him. So I cannot wear any earbuds using foams and, even then, some buds I’ve tried are still too big to fit at all. For IEMs, I’ve tried many tips recommended here and elsewhere, and the ePro Horns (Small) are the most comfortable for me. Some I’ve tried, including the new small Moondrop ones are still too big for my dinky ear canals.

So the caveat is that this is a dinky ear and dinky ear canal list, and probably wouldn’t suit many others.