Zeos the man the myth

I must admit im very interested in Zeos. I would like to know more about him. What did he do before reviewing headphones? How old is he? What race is he… oh yeah nvm.

Is he and princess pasta married? together? Is reviewing headphones his main job or just a side thing? If so what does he do for a living? Has he given up all other worldly excesses for this hobby (hobby?). Just would like to know more about him.

watch his videos, almost all those questions are answered in 1 video or another

Now your acting all creepy,but yeah I get your curiosity. I suggest watching all his vids from 1st to present to understand him.


What is his personal phone number? Who is he related to? Where do his family members live? What does he care about most? What would he do if that was taken from him?

This is a joke btw (feel like I have to say this lol)


okay stop… lol too much

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you forgot social security number

amongst audio enthusiasts ive only seen ONE religious person lol. so i think the chances of him being religious are quite low

This thread is already getting too controversial and it’s already been 7 posts lol (well 8 with mine)


well i didnt take it there

hahaha seriously next we will be getting into abortion, gender politics and war discussions here lol

No stop please this is an audio forum lol


all i did was care. all i did was want to know more about the man whos come to mean so much in my life. is that so wrong?

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anyone want to have his baby?

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i’m down. not doing much these days anyways

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Nothing was wrong with the thought, it just came off as a bit strange when reading

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ugh, lol. maybe i should just delete the thread

Might not be a bad idea, just rephrase your questions and thoughts

I never took it as creepy. why does everyone always look to find fault or problem with something?

society has become so jaded… :frowning:

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Well I mean it was just very upfront on personal questions that people may prefer to keep private. I guess no harm in asking though

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you lose that right when you become a celebrity and live in the public’s light.

it shouldn’t happen…but it does.