🔶 ZiiGaat Doscinco

So intrigued by these. Currently have the Canon II’s, and am potentially looking at Doscinco, the Hype 4, or the ISN Neo 5 for a set that digs deeper in to the bass and has a bit more fullness and lushness in the lower mids. My gut tells me it should be between the two isobaric 2DD sets, but would love to hear comparisons between any of the above once people get their hands on these.

Not that I’m in any rush - something tells me there’s a good chance we’ll be spoiled for isobaric DD sets come 11.11!


That will absolutely be a very interesting side-by-side. Don’t worry about he technical stuff, just tell us what you hear, straight from the heart. That’s worth a lot more :pinched_fingers:


:thinking: :joy:


Pls compare with Hype 4.
My actual “top” rank IS:

Holocene>FH9>OH5>Quintet>Hype 2>…

Where Will be Doscinco.


The emojis fit this video perfectly

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Still waiting to hear what everyone is saying about these but this person says they are better than quite a few other that are higher in price… we shall see…


I hope he’s right, looking for a nice bass head without spending much but can slap higher in price to performance.

Also that’s me at the bottom lol
Hey ma I’m on a screenshot


Hahahaha. I’m stinkstink3 if you ever see that name. But,I 100% agree with you. I’m looking to get the Ziigaat over the hype 4 as it stands. Going to be better/more patient when it comes to blind buys.But I’m going to wait and see what multiple people have to say about it. As I have heard/read/and seen what people have said of the hype 4. So if it’s a great but not damn badass set,then I’ll go for the hype 4.


Lol yeah I remember seeing some of the stuff you put up on avexchange that I wanted to pick up but was too broke for

I say that like I’m still not broke lmao

Yeah I’m on the exact same boat as you plan wise, it’ll be between those two and then I’m off to find a campfire andromeda 2020 after lol


I got a notification this morning that mine are awaiting shipment and that my order has been fulfilled, so probably about 1.5 to 2 weeks for them to get to me once they actually start moving. Like I mentioned above, I was originally planning on grabbing the Hype 4, but went with the Doscinco instead. I’ll let you guys know what I think, I love me some bangin’ bass and I have high hopes :grin:


Sweeeet, fingers crossed it’s just out of this world amazing


Looks like Jayyaudio will probably be doing a review of the Doscincos soon - https://youtube.com/shorts/OJvDvzwOmLI?si=jnP17aDyNhf98cnO


Just saw that, I’m excited and I noticed they have the same venting style as my UP. I love that


I received the Doscinco 3 days ago and I’m listening to it, I’m not an expert in describing sound but one thing I absolutely agree with everyone who said about its bass being absurd, this thing has a powerful beat, control and absurd depth but I’m sure it doesn’t It will please those who don’t like bass cannon because they are not shy, it will make your music more fun, I listen to a lot of death and thrash and it doesn’t skimp on the bass drum and drums, in addition to the very fat guitars with that heavy weight note delicious! also the highs didn’t bother me even in more complex and fast songs, although I had to change the tips and I’m using Xelastec and spinfit w1 which look great on it, improving the stage and the quality of the highs, opening up the sound more, I’ll let you know that it’s not For those who like bright sound, it’s also not too dark, I think it’s just right, these things will shake your head and everything you’ve heard before will seem thin and lifeless.


That sounds like up my alley, I enjoy excited bass and highs, I gotta give it a whirl definitely

Fingers crossed the slam is good enough to best my UP, and that it has cool subbass rumble


The slam is very good don’t worry ,what he lacks least is slam. He hits with authority, I would never want more bass and strong beats than he already delivers, he’s already at the limit for me. It’s an absolute bass cannon


Yeah, this is exactly what I wanted to hear, really excited to get my hands on my set, thank you for sharing your thoughts :+1:



Screw this hobby and all the ridiculous hype trains lol


I at least trust Ziigaat more, they’re on the same spot as Simgot for me where I wanna own one but I haven’t found one yet

Doscinco is a grab for me to try, and maybe I do EA500LM


Looks like the review is dropping in 38 mins :sunglasses: