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This is the official thread for the ZMF Aeolus. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

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This is one of the best (if not the best) examples of zmf midrange, it’s sweet, has just enough intimacy and hides faults just enough to cover bad mixes etc.

To anyone getting those, one, get upgrade cable (or order a separate cable) and get universe suede perforated pads :sunglasses:


It is rather enjoyable…especially while imbibing

Have you tried the Auteur?

I tried the aeolus and i liked my auteur (blackwood) better. aeolus def had better bass but i just eq about 3.5db at 100hz to my auteur and tube them and i get satisfying and accurate bass with much better vocal clarity and highs. i would actually put heritage hp3 over the aeolus honestly

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Mine are in line to be built at the moment. Can hardly wait! Purchased them with the upgraded 2K cables and both types of pads, so I should be good to go.

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Did you get the velour universe pads? The are essential! Also there is a secret pad that splits the difference, but you have to email them to get it, they are called BE2

Got a really nice cable from @skedra today and I love it.


Transforming the Aeolus into something else entirely.

Pad swapping. Below are my thoughts on how the Aeolus responds to that relative to the pads that i myself own

For any of you that have been pad rolling with these as well
i would be very interested in your opinions on them, so feel free to chime in

If you’re considering these cans ill have you know that
they answer extremely well to pad swapping, at least for
the ones that i have myself, these are the stock pads and
the suede perforated pads that ZMF offers on their web store
both of which compliment the headphone beautifully, while the stock
Aeolus pads present a very sirupy and thicc sound, the suede perforated
pads are less so, giving way to more detail and soundstage, basically, in short,
slightly more treble, slightly less bass, more air. which makes them closer to neutral or at least not as warm as the stock pads

which can either good or bad depending on what you prefer but i feel as though the
magic really lies in the stock pads, the Aeolus seem to have been born in those, they’re great
i use them both and and enjoy them both for different reasons

The suede pads almost seem to "clean up the sound"To me the sound seem to be more clear !


ODIO cable

I have had a similar experience with them. I have the Verite pads, Universe pads, and Suede Universe Pads. I prefer the Suede for the added air and stage. The verite pads have even more sparkle but less stage, and were not my favorite as they are fairly shallow. Suede also just feel good on the head.

I concur with your synopsis of the two pads though, pretty spot on with what I hear when swapping them.

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So a buddy of mine let me borrow his Aeolus to try out and compare to my 58X’s to see what difference $1000 can buy in a pair of headphones.

I decided to compare them using some Gary Clark Jr. live tracks. Honestly, they both do sound like you’re at the actual live performance, it’s just that one is at a kind of seedy bar with a meh PA system and the other one is ACL Live at The Moody Theater.

Aaaaaand now my 58X’s sound like AirPods to me.


i feel as though a lot of live recording dont do the Aeolus justice, i dont like them with live recordings at all.
i use my ath-2000x’s for that myself

I clarified my comments above, but I was blown away by the live tracks with the Aeolus.


Still loving these…they make the wait for the Verite both easier and harder lol


i see why you’d pay a couple houndred dollars more for this, gorgeous. you need the suede band to go with those pads! i need to see this lol

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Those LTD editions are making my heart say yes and my wallet say no… one day

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I have the suede pilot pad… but it isn’t the same…maybe I’ll email Zach and Bevin to add the suede strap to my Verite order…

would you elaborate on that please? im actually in contact with Bevin regarding a potential purchase of a pilotpad. is the pilotpad too firm to get a custom headband bending fit of the top steelband?

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I put it n the leather band only for best fit. It makes it very comfortable…I’ll try and get a picture of it tonight and post it…I have the leather pilot pad on my HD800! They are well made and comfortable.