🔶 ZMF Auteur & Auteur Classic

What amp do you use with the Auteurs? I love the sound of my Matrix Mini 3 on everything except the ZMFs.

I own Eikons (so not exactly Auteurs, but in a similar ballpark pairing-wise) and I’ve liked them on both the RNHP and the Quicksilver tube amp! By proxy, I’d assume that means they’ll also pair well with a Little Labs Monotor and with other dryer tubes (such as Hagerman Tuba or LTA MZ2).

In fact, I’m listening to the Eikon on a tube amp right now (on an Allnic HPA-3000 GT, though I assume that’s out of budget).


Just thought I’d drop in and show you guys my new Manchurian Ash Auteur. I have had a Verite Closed for almost a year, but these are really growing on me. I really lucked out snagging these beauties!


It’s been a while since I’ve used my ZMF Auteur Teaks.
Such a chill sound.


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If possible, can we get an official page for this one?

Everyone, I have had a few weeks with the Classic now and just dropped my impressions of it on my channel. I’ll link it in a reply, but really I just wanted to get some discussion going on it.

First of all, I have really enjoyed the sound that the Auteur Classic (AC) has produced!

It’s a definite mid-forward presentation. I personally prefer the Auteur Lambskin pads that it came with but I also did try it out with other pads as well.
Because it is mid-forward I wondered if it would be that intimate sound typical of like the Focal Clear MG. It’s not…not really. Vocals are definitely pushed forward here but you still get space here giving it a unique presentation. The upper mids can sometimes get a bit aggressive, but I wouldn’t go so far to call it shouty. Not with the lambskin Auteur pads anyway. Treble is tamed but not dark. The low end extends and is present but not over-bearing at all. I enjoyed pretty much every genre of music that I threw at it (as long as it was music I enjoy of course).

I did try out the Eikon Suede pads with it…not for me. It is said to warm up the sound sig, but really I got a bit of shout from it. This could be due to Suede vs Lambskin…or just Auteur vs Eikon pad. Either way, I just didn’t find it as smooth of a listen. Again, to my ears.
I also tried the Universe Lambskin pads from my Atrium’s and those also didn’t do it for me. It made it a somewhat brighter listen but also seemed to flatten out the lower end a bit more. Not completely, but enough that I didn’t find it as engaging to me.

All of this was powered through my Jot2 and Modius stack. This time around I preferred the balanced out of the Jot2, where as with the Atrium, I was fine with either/or out. I’m sure this a unique thing to the Jot2 as I didn’t have lots of amps to try out. For shits and giggles I did pair it up with my iFi Go Bar. Hey, it powered them and I got it to a decent listen level on max…but still just not as engaging of a listen. It works in a pinch for sure. That is not a knock on the Go Bar because I love the Go Bar with much easier to drive headphones that I own. I have not listened on tubes yet (other then at canjam chi) so I’ll report back once I do. I’m sure others will beat me to that punch as the only tubes I have are the BHC that I have to build still.

Comfort is fantastic after a good ole bend of the headband for my round head. Oh - and the AC pairs really well with gaming! I mean…really really well!

I’ll remind everyone one more time that this is all my opinion and to my ears, so take that for what it is. I’m looking forward to seeing what others think of the AC. I never heard or owned the OG Auteur so that also peaks my curiosity on the differences there between the two.

I’m sure one thing that will be asked time and time again is the comparison to the Atrium. I consider the Auteur almost like a baby Atrium. Albeit the fact the AC is mid-forward and the Atrium is not. Lots of similarities between the two and I would say the Atrium takes what the AC does and just cranks it up another 10-20%. Yeah, I’m bad with math comparisons ha but I’m sure you get what I’m saying. More detail, stage and separation/layering from the Atrium is probably the quick answer.

Either way, the AC is another fantastic ZMF to me!


My thoughts/impressions.


I’m currently debating whether to get the Auteur classic or Atrium. One reviewer suggested the Classic was brighter compared to the Atrium. Did anyone else find that to be the case? I think most reviews found the opposite.
Also if anyone else can give thoughts on tuning differences between the two, that would be helpful.

From my experience with them so far, no, I would not say the Auteur Classic is brighter. It is more mid-forward then the Atrium is however. The biggest difference between the two of them, from what I hear, is:
Both have nice extension but not boomy in the low end. Both are relaxed in the treble region but not dark by any means. Both have great imaging and stage. Both are neutral and have a fantastic over all presence in the mids.

The Atrium stands taller in that it is more detailed, has more layering as well. I also think the midrange is just over all a more full midrange if that makes any sense.

To me, they are both just a stellar headphone in their own right.

As for someone saying the AC was brighter…I mean it is possible that whatever source was used to power them was doing it. These are not the easiest to drive headphone after all…so hard to say there.

Hope that helps!


Hello, been lurking here for a bit reading all the back and forth on the auteur classics and pulled the trigger and picked up a pair. Have only had them for a couple hours but so far loving them and they are sexy as hell.



Ooooo! Nice!

The ZMF sale is going on now…
Does anyone have recommendations for the best alternate pads for the Auteur?

My favorite pads for the OG Auteur are the Eikon Suede Perforated. They are a little smoother and bassier than the stock Auteur Lambskins. I felt the Eikon Lambskin pads were a little too bassy for my tastes. The Eikon Suedes were a perfect middle ground.

I’m not sure if this translates directly to the Auteur Classic, but I imagine it should be pretty similar.

The resident Head-FI pad expert did a pad guide for the Classic and his favorite pad was the stock Auteur Lambskin followed by the Universe Lambskin. Here’s the guide:

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I actually found that round-up through a Google search.
When you say “smoother” are you referring to the treble specifically? I’ve got the Auteur suede and lambskin coming. But a warmer option would be a good extra.

Yes, I always find the treble a little smoother with suede vs Lambskin. The Eikon pads are a little more intimate sounding vs the Auteur pads and definitely have a bit more bass.