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This is the official thread for the ZMF Eikon. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Over Ear
  • Amp needed
  • Closed Back

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I NEED IT! Heard them at RMAF and a HiFi store in Singapore. Would love a Padauk one.

I think Ash will always be my favorite, but the camphor burl is also quite nice.

Have a Padauk coming my way soon. Can’t wait!

have you heard the atticus?

Just bought a pair of these awesome cans at Canjam London. Great show and also great that Zach let me take them over to the Ether stand to do a side by side comparison balanced and single ended. Top man, top headphones, top enjoyment. Thanks Zach.

So after picking these up Canjam London I listened for a while and was disappointed. I could not understand why everyone raves about them. I listened and listened and listened…and then all of a sudden I got it. You must let these cans burn in. The reward when you do is absolutely outstanding.

Burn in the driver or burn in your mind lol? But yeah, the biocellulose drivers do take a bit of time to get to an ideal sound

I had same thing but after sometime they opened up and very pleased with the sound. I have had four ZMF headphones and they all sounded poopy out of the box, but they all came alive after sometime. My favorites are Eikon and Verite.

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