🔶 ZMF Headphones Atrium

This is the official thread for the ZMF Atrium

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Type: Over ear
  • Amp needed: Yes
  • Open Back Biocellulose Driver

:red_circle: ZMF Link


Z Reviews…

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I got my order in this morning. Can’t wait!

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I also ordered a pair. They should arrive tomorrow. So excited to hear them :slight_smile:

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Look forward to seeing the feedback from you guys. I have the ZMF VC and VO, and love it. The Atrium will happen eventually, too, I’m sure but I want to demo it first.

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These came in yesterday. Currently burning in at about 20h but I can already say that they are already amazing.


Beautiful headphones, and beautiful photos to match. Love that wood!


Atriums are fantastic with the Gryphon, just so you know.

That’s not a premium ZMF cable is it? I don’t recognize that splitter or the jacks. It’s really fantastic looking.

Hey. Right it’s a custom made cable by Viking Weave Cables (Ansuz). You can contact @skedra in case you’re interested in one yourself. He always delivers amazing work :ok_hand:

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It does looking amazing. I’ll check him out.

He does awesome work, not cheap but very very nice quality.


Thanks so much, glad you love the pairing!

I am loving the sound of the Atrium! I can’t wait to hear it on my BHC once I have it built!

Here is my latest on my channel for all who want to drop by and check it out:

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Any Atrium owners that can comment on the level of detail retrieval and dynamics on the Atrium relative to the Stellia and Utopia? (especially the Stellia, that’s my daily driver)

One of my favorite parts of ZMF Headphones, besides the amazing sonic performance, is the wood integration in shell design. I love the look, it drips with a vintage aesthetic and the metal grates always complement the wood texture.


All I really want to know is if these are worth getting when you own Verite Open…:thinking:

Specifically are they different enough to have both?

What do you think?