🔷 ZMF Verite Closed

This is the official thread for the ZMF Verite Closed

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Type: Over Ear
  • Amp needed: Yes
  • Closed Back

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Mmm, a really nice, wide closed-back is all I need to round out my collection. I was looking at the C Flow but… mmm. I do like planar though.
I hope we get some reviews soon, the only one I can find is “HeadKarma”.


Perhaps consider the aeon 2 closed over the ether c flow 1.1, as I am selling my ether as I think the aeon 2 is more refined and much better now lol

But the verite closed does look pretty sweet

I didn’t know they were in stock yet. Cool, I love the look of the cups (though I really don’t like wire headbands, at least cover it with something).

I mean the build and comfort is pretty awesome, and now they fold too so they are more viable for portable to me. They are a fair bit wider than the older aeon flow closed, and also now don’t have as much dynamic range compression the older mrspeakers does. More detail, and also a better signature too, pretty much a step up in every way imo from the older aeon and also now superior to the ether c flow imo

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Living that #purplelife


Oooo, pretty…

Oh wow, those looks flippin’ amazing. Really jealous lol.

feel dizzy - did they hyptnotize me? …could stop me in the last moment to write Zach a mail

pure headporn! - can´t say it otherwise

why don´t you install some purple LEDs, to light up when the box gets opened?


Like this…


still in search mode for words …

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now we know what´s in the pulp fiction suitcase Samuel J. opened


Just klick:

ORDER :wink:


How did you get the cups to be purple like that?

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still saving up for the Aeolus Blackwood for a few following months …
you and me have already a date(+wifes) in heidelberg, to audition them! - have you forgotten?

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ZMF did it for me! Zach is an artist! I was lucky enough to ask him at a time when he was already thinking of experimenting with this type of style! He might put out limited options for this in the future?? But that is up to him and his workload. :wink:


No, I looking forward to meet both of you there.

Last week on Thursday I made my decision, between the Auteur and the Andros MW10, I chose the CA’s. Let’s see how long it takes for them to be delivered.


oh that is a hard choice you had to make!
Love the CA´s! juwelry for men!

so you say last thursday…
last week on thursday I had a day off and what can I say… not enouh time to drive to heidelberg and back… so I was at the best store in munich “Schall & Rauch” - with no plans in mind… auditioned this and that… went out with the RME ADI 2 fs (new version) … throws me a bit back with ZMF plans…

By the way, in my opinion there really are no better closed headphones than the one of your choice.

I have only recently been able to compare them with the Focal Stellia, Sennheiser HD820, Denon D9200, Beyerdynamic T5p 2nd and Gen., Audeze LCD XC and the Dan Clarce Audio AEON Flow2 at home over a whole weekend.

I found (mind my opinion) this, together with the Stellia and the D9200 absolutely outstanding.
They differ tonally and sound characteristic only in nuances, but the design and attention to detail make them stand out. :sparkling_heart:

I always have the problem with my head size.
I have hat size 64, or 8 US size, or xxxl international.

This enormously limits the comfort with normal headphones for longer listening sessions.
I love focal headphones for example, but they are just too tight for my skull.

Therefore I am very happy that the tonal quality of the in-ears has reached a level that has reached that of over-ear headphones.