Zombie Apocalypse Strategy

Mainly because this seemed interesting to discuss further. What would your particular plans, preparations, and end goals be if there ever was a Zombie Apocalypse. Also feel free to specify the type of zombie as well (fast/slow, based of rage… virus… ect.)


well not starving would be a good start, and I feel like 90% of people would just starve to death. Assuming I have prep time and wasn’t poor, I’d find a place that I could preemptively plant basic subsistence crops and do the who prepper thing.


So get away from people and try to farm during the collapse of society?

Personally I like that idea. I would try to set up as primitive as possible. Relying on guns or other items that take a relatively complex supply chain to keep functioning seems like it will only cause issues in the long run.

Well issue I think will come primary from how fast the “disease” spreads and how fast general pop clear out stores and wear houses of supplies. As for guns, guns are indestructible the soviet union made over a million mosin nagant in the 1940s just keep them clean and oiled. issue is gun powder and lead, you could use other metal but you;d need a forge that could get hot enough to melt it and some casting molds. I’d say guns are for killing people not zombies gotta protect your supplies.

Depends on the gun, but simple powder that you could (assuming you were in the right area to find the materials) would work fine in something made for it, but in a modern(ish) gun made for smokeless powder it would quickly either break the gun, mess up the accuracy, or foul the mechanics. If you were using a muzzle loader then just being able to source the materials to make black powder and a suitable material for the round would probably work fine.

I do agree that people are probably a bigger threat then a zombie hoard and weapons like guns are better saved for more dangerous things.

Depending on how much advanced warning I get:

  1. Order the book “Primitive Technology

  2. Get a collection of basic hand tools (knife, saw, hammer, screwdriver(s), prying bar, etc.) and a non-fuel dependant way to transport them.

  3. Get some basic food and water to get me through two weeks.

  4. Make my way far away from any city. According to a study conducted by the German government, within 3 days after the power grid fails, it will be civil war. (Good book loosely based on the study here)

  5. Find or Set up basic shelter and wait. My assumption (based on the study mentioned) is to survive one month. After that, it should be safe to assume only the organized groups that will inevitably form are still around and join one of them.

When I do not get prep time: RUN!

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Find somewhere with big sturdy walls and commence my potato farm.

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