Rant thread - share your grievances, not just audio

Ok I’m counting to 10…anymore offensive or rude posts then the poster will be silenced for 48hrs NO more warnings will be given.

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Yes, sir. I’ll stop cleaning the guns and put away the axe and mini sledge. Not that I ever would have needed them. :wink:

Man I wanna befriend you when there’s a zombie invasion.

Gotta keep your resources in top shape! A well taken care of tool will take care of you

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This is looking more and more like a thread I should be a part of. Want some company?

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OMFG! This one is also one of the factors on why lately I am not watching news anymore, because I am also tired of political dirtbags with their constant bullshit and audacity that they did “all” of that for the “benenfit” of the “people”, basically I am fed up with bullshit. When you live in a country like mine, where people with dirt and evidences of being corrupted pieces of shit? Can still run for a position in the government as if nothing happened, the fucking audacity.

Yeah I do need some ME time, only ME and I want people just for a single day to leave me the fuck alone, and it’s not helping much when I am a person who is not into pointless conversation that comes out nothing off, also it’s not helping much when I just woke up yet HERE they are, talking to me quickly as if I am already awake, like please give a damn second to be awake ok? Is it so hard to ask?!

I think being alone in my room the whole day is a good enough me time, and I cannot even drive or even take a walk outside, since the pandemic here is still going and the handling of it by our “leaders” is just utter incompetence, therefore fucked! I will be listening to Tool or maybe watch some VTubers that I love as well, those girls and boys help my days at least have a glint of it being good.

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I just cannot believe the shit Fedex gives you as a person!!
F U C K YOU FEDEX and everyone there!!

Finally they shorted out the my mystery package number 2. Both packages (delivery number 1 and delivery number 2) are being delivered said the girl on Thursday. Finally this shit is over.

I was so wrong…

They tried to deliver the mystery package number 2. Friday. Im at work so left a note…
Call before the 24:00 OR make a online delivery change.
I fucking cannot make a delivery change on the package number 2… it’s not recognized in FEDEX’s own fucking system!! How the actual fuck!! The fcking package number the fucking driver left if not in the fucking delivery system… Call center is closed and opens on Monday!
Where is my package number 1, why was it not delivered??
That is the main package and delivery system knows!!

Why the fuck the driver did not give a phone number?!
I have received a phone number before to call them and rearrange the delivery.

IF the packages are not mangled and products are ok.
I will make official complete and DEMAND back the amount of the delivery costed. THIS IS HORSE SHIT!!


Yikes. I can’t believe you are still going through this. Hope you (or I should say THEY) get it sorted out soon.

Fuck customs. Fuck nacional couriers picking up stuff of customs.

Let me start this with a quite popular poem familiar to most people working in IT and networking:

It is not DNS,
It is definitely not DNS,
It can’t be DNS,

It was DNS.

I moved in May this year. With that came the fun of configuring a modem (not an ISP shitbox) to work correctly.
That was done, except the SIP (VoiP for landline phones) related stuff. Did not really care and just decided to take care of configuring that when I find time.

It randomly worked! I thought it was SIP via TCP. And then I had to restart my modem, or do something requiring powering it down. And gone was phone service!

After after a few months of sporadic reachability, I figured out what it really was (see poem above).

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That’s me also in our customs here, bunch of shameless corrupted cunts.

I have 2 major pet peeves:

  1. Habitual liers, particularly when it’s done to get them out of trouble and/or throw someone under the bus.
  2. When I’m working on something, when someone decides they need to come in behind me, particularly when I’ve temporarily directed my attention to another product briefly, and decides they are going to take over without saying anything.

My coworker did the second one. I’ve got several satilites set up to test on my bed to verify that they are working before being handed off to be installed. I go to check something on the tablet in the cab (cause it’s plugged in to charge), and they come over and starts fucking with the satilites set up to test. To me, this means they are no longer mine to test. Fine, I go to the installer to touch bases, come back, and there’s no changes with the satilites, and they are sitting in their driver seat taking a nap.

Ok, I get I’m on this thread quite a bit, but…
I hate when what I want doesn’t exist. Have I been happy with the Alpine head unit I bought? Yes… However, I’ve found myself exposed to rear view cameras and Android Auto since then… And God damn it, I kinda want it in my truck… The problem is, I also want a volume knob. I can give up the CDs, and I can work around the aux and USB ports on the back (as much as I’d rather not), but I’d really, REALLY rather not block the two vents right above it.

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I want a chinese DAC or amp that has active hipass filter. Also a power amp from china with real 100 watts of power.

Thanks santa.

Message delivered to Santa. Merry X-Mas from

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Reason being for 100 watts, cant hear dialog when streaming on the movie sites (HBOmax) with the smsl SA300 desk amp.

Watched the 2021 Mortal Combat yesterday and you are right.
The volume levels are pretty low… i have a volume limiter on the amp and i cranked it there. First time ever… never had to use limiter levels of amp volume. Still was not enough. Like 6db less noise than normal? On a Blu-Ray disc that would be way too loud.
I can fix the dialog “issue” other ways but the full audio scale should be louder by huge margin…and somehow it was not clean or clear. Something weird for sure.

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My setups are budget so in a music/movies space i need the wattage im thinking . going with horsepower will solve the problem in the home theater but in a 2.1 using wattage to increase total volume. suspect will be working the remote to keep from getting blown out the loud parts.

Netflix in my stream has improved loudness and atmos got better but honestly all my subcriptions are on the low side. Aside from apple music that varies from recordings which i want, less cooks in the music kitchen the better.

The problem might be the atmos engine has a -18 level limiter on the recording.

Or im a dummy, forget to take into account my HT is untreated at the moment.

I just discovered that I’m treble sensitive.

I’ve been listening to songs with a lot of WUBWUBs ever since I got my pair of 770s a few months ago. I thought I was getting listening fatigue from all the bass I was enjoying, so I put on some acoustical stuff and it felt like I had grown a third eye in my left temple and had a bright flashlight shone in all three eyes.

Pretty minor complaint and I’m glad I discovered it with something cheap, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t disappointing. Now I have to pay more attention to FR graphs and avoid Beyer products. At least I can temp fix it with a global EQ.