🔶 Abyss Diana MkII

This is the official thread for the Abyss Diana MkII. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Over Ear
  • Amp Required
  • Open Back

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I guess I will link this thread too

Wow not a lot of activity here :slightly_frowning_face:

Ok so im very interested in these headphones. But i see that the Diana v2 and the Phi are different. there seems to be a 1000$ difference! :flushed: Is there that much of a change in the sound? What if i come across a Diana v1 headphone for sale cheap? is it anygood? how does it compare to the V2 and Phi?

Ok do Mon said here:

But i dont know if i’d say a 1000$ worth more resolving. i got to say this company makes me nervous. maybe its not a good idea to buy from them. if you look at their cable page their selling them for up to 1000$ and thats a bad sign imo. I think they’re probably overcharging for their headphones.

Man I want these. I’ve been saving for them and it’s tough. $4000 in Canuck currency.

They started out as a cable company that then started making headphones amps and stuff like that, the parent company is jps labs. So personally I think the headphones are accurately priced for what they offer, but the cables are not, you don’t have to buy the cables

Wow arent they that company that are selling aluminum racks for 1000$? I got a bad feeling about this

Personally idk if they are selling stuff like that while keeping their headphones appropriately priced, because if they out the extra cash they get from that into the headphones I have no complaints about that lol. Like hell I would buy an expensive stand or cable but I do think their headphones are worth it