Any way of modifying an older wireless subwoofer for working as a wired one?

I have an older Philips soundbar with a subwoofer that connects wirelessly. The soundbar is broken, probably beyond repair and I don’t want to repair it anyway since it wasn’t that good tbh. I would rather want to use the subwoofer with my current speakers - the Edifier R1280DBs. Is there a way to modify the sub to accommodate a cable connection with them?

Here is a quick start guide I found online, the sub has only a power input and nothing more in terms of ports. Currently, I have the sub in the cellar, but I will go for it if there’s a possibility for the mod.


You will want the service manual for the subwoofer (well more likely you will get a service manual for the whole system). Then you have 2 sort of ways you might be able to go.

Patch an input into the existing control board (hence the service manual for the wiring diagram)
Replace the control board with one that matches the the speaker and has the inputs you need. (hence the service manual for the exact speaker used)

After the annoying parts then you just need to make a hole to put the jack in and you now have a wired sub where you once had a wireless one.

Hopefully someone has already done this before you and found all the required parts and pitfalls and made a guide, and with a popular brand like Philips there is a chance.

Edit: also

This is not always the case.

Well, it would probably be the case if I won’t have to change the control board. Also, there has to be a way to turn it on. It turned on wirelessly from standby :confused:

Well, I’m gonna look into it tomorrow as it’s pretty late here.

The control board is what controls turning on and off I was not sure if the current one had that or if it was controlled through the soundbar or remote. If that is the case then you will likely have to replace the control board, possibly the power supply depending on how it is set up and basically you are harvesting the speaker and the cabinet.

Well, yeah, any clue how much a new CB may cost?

Not sure all the ones I messed around with back in the day were a package matched to the speaker with a power supply so i just needed to build a custom cabinet.

Well, I will continue tomorrow. However, I don’t really expect finding that service manual, as even finding the site for the system was quite a hassle and it wasn’t available in English.

Well, nevermind. It was easy. Maybe you could take a look:

It is fully integrated and not in a modding friendly way, you would have to replace the control board and power supply. Wire that up to the speaker and use the new control board’s power switch.

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Was expecting that. Do you know of a CB and PSU to match the speaker?

Monacor SubBoard
Is also available in different sizes and power ranges

Well, that would be the same price as buying a new sub.

Depends on how involved you want to get.

Easiest way would be to rip out the control boards and instead have two binding posts out the back, then use an amplifier to feed the driver directly.

Alternatively, and this will take a while, you can figure out at what point the control logic circuits hand over analogue to the amplifier section. Then you could cut off the control and instead put a 3.5mm (or 6.3mm, or RCA) in place. It may be a good idea to include a low-pass filter (with generous cut-off at 150 or so) and decoupling capacitors as well.

Well, I found out the specs for the speaker of the subwoofer:

It seems that it a 160W 6,5’’ unit.
Could someone please recommend me a suitable control board and power supply? I don’t mind ordering from Aliexpress etc. Cheaper is better for me as this won’t really make much sense if I get close to the price of a new subwoofer.

Also, do you think it that this subwoofer would be suitable for my speakers at all?


Well, I don’t have a speaker amp. Would need a PS and a new control board for the unit I suppose.

I would just take it apart and have a peak inside. Could be that it is some neat modular design with clear labels on the circuit board(s).
After that, you can decide where you want to go.

Just get a cheapo monoprice one imo, just checked and it’s 55 bucks rn, which is wild

We already found the schematics:

I was direct messaging with @TkSilver and he stated it’s not modding friendly at all and I would need to replace both the PS and the CB. Well, you can take your own look.

EDIT: I took it from the cellar so I am about to disassemble it and will post some pics here.

I’m in EU. No Monoprice sells here.