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This is the official thread for the Apos Caspian Open-Back Headphone

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Type: Over Ear
  • Amp needed: No
  • Open Back

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Just got them


Nice, congrats.

Hows the build quality in the hand? That wood looks DARK, getting big “furniture in dad’s study” vibes.


I love the look. Looks like vintage furniture, especially here in Balkan (think Yugoslavia).

It has so much character, from color to texture.

@JJPablo damn, you were quick!


They feel about as well built as a Beyerdynamic. They’re quite heavy. Very solid

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These hit hard in the bass. Almost as hard as my emu teaks.


I got a pair coming tomorrow as well. :slight_smile:


@JJPablo do the ear-cups rotate or wiggle?

There’s no lateral rotation

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Can it be achieved by loosening the screw of the headband piece?

In other words, is there any way to achieve vertical rotation/wiggle?

Got them in today. Well built headphone. I would say if anyone is looking for a step up from the Harmonicdyne Zues, then this is that for sure. Rich and full sounding has been described as their type of sound and I would agree.

I will say they have a bit too much of an aggressive clamp though. So much so my ears were hurting. I realized what the issue was. My ears were touching the driver. I think the pads, although being nice are too thin. The driver inside the cup bows outward. So I think a thicker pad would of been nice here. I had some Dekoni pads lying around. The only ones that work that kept the sound was the Dekoni choice leather. This did fix my own personal issue with them. Hopefully this will help others that might have the same problem as I had.


I mean I don’t have them but if the band is metal just bend it outwards a bit (the parts holding the cups)

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Yea that is what I ended up doing and it took a bit of bending. So now I can wear them with no pain issues. But yea they really needed that. There was way too much clamp at the beginning.

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Knowing Kennerton uses high-quality metal, I have confidence that this is safe to do.

Started doing some pad swaps and In my opinion these headphones should’ve came with velour or perforated leather pads. If you’re coming from something like a 6XX or a Sundara, the caspians are gonna sound way too bassy and muffled. That is till you put on a breathable earpad like velour brainwavz pads which is what i have on right now. MUCH more clarity now. Like a night and day difference. Bass still hits hard and has excellent bass extension.

If you have a pair of caspians and think the sound is a bit too muffled I HIGHLY highly recommend getting something like brainwavz velour pads.

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These are Sandu’s! love that guy… him and lachlan are my favs

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Not a very positive review but I wanted to point out at 9:02 in the video he states that he wants a headphone with a slightly warm sound and big soundstage. You get that with the velour brainwavz pads on them.


I don’t think it was too bad until he said they weren’t worth the money. And I am kind of lost on what Custom parts he wants to see? He wants some “special components” and a lower price? I think it is a very nice looking headphone for the price and there are lots of bassheads out there. My biggest fear was that it was very V-shaped, like the ATH-WP900’s, but it doesn’t seem to be that. As long as the vocals are not recessed, I would be interested.

I do wonder if the XLR inputs would work okay with Audeze cables? I have a HAC that I was using with the LCD-2 Classic’s and wonder if it would work with these?


Yes I was able to use my LCD-X cable with the Caspian. But I will say… it’s a pretty efficient headphone. Unless the amp that you are using has a different sound characteristic through the balance output, it isn’t really needed.


I liked his video, and am personally very excited about these.

I think Josh is tired or bored with the headphone scene and expects something insane (like the Kaldas Research RR1). Making the first step is always the hardest, and it often comes with extra costs (because you are new to the game and don’t know where to cut corners, etc.). I think that you don’t need an ‘out there’ headphone to achieve a successful launch with a first product.

It’s clear Apos put the focus on making something good and “fun”. They chose to work with an established manufacturer (Kennerton) and paid attention to detail.

Sure, they’d be a greater appeal at something like $300, but it’s too little to ask for a first headphone.