Apparently, I'm a static electricity generator

I wanted to listen to a CD yesterday, touched something, static discharge, my JDS Atom and my AVR stopped working. Unplugged everything for the night.

  • Woke up today, even my computer would not want to power on first try.
  • Second try, ok.
  • Playing music through the AVR, ok.
  • I put my hand on the AVR… another static discharge, no sound again.
  • Powering off/on the AVR: Ok, now it still works.
  • Trying the JDS Atom… nope.

carpet floors?

Cement/wood basement. :man_shrugging:
But I got long hair?

Low humidity?

i have long hair and full carpet even near my vinyl. never shorted out a component though :mask:

Insulator, generator and insulator = ZAP

ESD is deadly*, ground yourself.

*Not to you, but things you love :stuck_out_tongue:

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I told you the power plant pack-sack was a bad idea!


Huh, thankfully my floors are stone tiles (Well they look stone I guess), discharges suck, especially on your precious amps, couldn’t imagine frying my DAC or amp.

It’s not always feasible, I lived in Vegas for a while, and during summer it was virtually impossible (unless you walked around Naked all day) to not shock anything that was grounded you touched.
The number of times I shocked my work PC, despite the “antistatic” mats.

PC cases are grounded through the PSU, focets provide a ground, most bigger appliances do.

When working on or near ESD-sensetive parts, consider one of these:

The clamp is usually attached with a 4mm banana plug.
There is your Ground:
Or here (French system):
Or here (German “SchuKo”):

Sure but there is a difference in working with static sensitive components and just touching something that IS grounded. I suspect the Atom is at a disadvantage for ESD because the case isn’t grounded.

FWIW I will use an ESD bracelet for expensive static sensitive components, but static really isn’t much of an issue where I live now, and for cheaper parts I usually don’t bother.

The (big-ass) adapter has no ground either.

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It’s kinda funny.
I also have had work related issues with electronic gear (laptops, pc’s, mobile devices and so on) with few special individual users. They always have had the most strangest issues. Literally with everything they use … These rare few tend to show up with the most odd’s problems.
When testing or fixing devices. They are 100% working and might come back after some times…
These few are like getting small shocks from plastic frames and wooden tables… yeap… tv remote not working and so on.

It ain’t just me. We talked this in work and only “logical” thing is probably has something to do with static electricity they just carry.
Have asked… they also have trouble at home and have had them for years.

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No, I don’t light bulbs when they’re in my hands.

…yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Man lol, this never happened to me at least. I think.


And yeah my JDS Atom is fixed now :slight_smile:

Got a static shock from a plastic wrapped book yesterday… yup lol. I’m one of the weird ones.

I built (and have upgraded twice) my whole PC without one.

Dumb? Probably. Not the dumbest thing I’ve ever done, for sure.

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As long as you are standing on the ground and have one hand on the case you should be fine