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  • Type: Over Ear
  • Amp needed: No
  • Closed Back

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First! :slight_smile:

Also I plan on buying these as I can get them for a great price in my country and I need a closed back for when the neighbours or family are noisy or I am on the bus.

Unless the K371 becomes more accessible price wise where I live, I am getting the M50x, looking forward to seeing what the hype and hate is all about!

Well, curious to see your thoughts lol. It’s really not that bad of a headphone in my mind, I just think there is better out there for the price, but it’s not like I will have a horrible time using them or anything

I just personally prefer the m40x if you go with a closed audio Technica

tHeY aRe tHe bEsT hEaDpHoNeS eVEr !! my name is youtuber #6567 and today I’m gonna tell you why the M50x are the best headphones money can buy!

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They suffer from the backlash of being very overhyped by some corners of the internet.
I own a pair, and I think they are OK, but I can’t remember the last time I chose to listen to them.
I’d take the M40x over them and a lot of other headphones in the price range.


Agree. I also think they are better for monitoring than actual music listening as well

Please do say what headphones, this is a great oportunity for people reading this to know what better headphones there are for the price, so go on! drop that list!

I would say it depends on your use case and what you listen to for what is “better”

The M50x is dynamic and detailed. Its FR is Harmanesque. It just wants to help you out in the upper mids and treble to make sure you don’t miss anything. I don’t think people realize to what degree sound stage and imaging vary from person to person, but apparently most find the M50x to be on the small side.

Here’s a M50x graph for the sake of having it here:

Can be found here: https://www.rtings.com/headphones/reviews/audio-technica/ath-m50x
along with other graphs and info about the M50x.

As you can see its not that flat they have quite a specific sound but nothing seems too boosted as to be problematic.

I think it’s detailed but I also think it’s a bit lacking in dynamics too

Booooooo! M50x bad! Booooooo!


So I EQ’d the Superlux HD681 to sound very close to the M50x since I was curious and I don’t think I enjoy what I hear…

But EQ’ing is not exactly hearing the headphone but as a rough estimate I am reconsidering getting them

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superlux have wider soundstage and a bit more air to them the m50x are technically superior. agressive sounding very close to your ear presentation.

Ye thats what I heard with the EQ idk if I like what those peaks in the high mid-low treble do with the whole agessive sound very close to your ear

honezstly to me the best akternbnatives to the m50’s are the COPP’s does what they aim to do similarly but also similarly easy to drive.

The MH751 sound like COPP’s but better tbh without the bass switches of course

Also just in case can y’all drop all the good closed back headphones around 100 bucks ($50-125), cuz im strongly considering not getting the M50’s now and could use alternatives (also they need to fit my huge head), thanks ! :slight_smile:

Did anyone try the Sennheiser HD569? which is supposed to be the the same as the 598 Cs not many people talk about those, so I am curious if I should consider them, I can get them for 100 bucks here.

Altho if I remember right Zeos said they bad hmm :thinking:

closed back fgor that price range, are dt 770, blon b8. status audio cb 1 , m40x , the CAL!,

I can’t get the Blon here, and the CAL! are too small for my head, does Status Audio deliver worldwide? and the DT770 I’d get tbh especially if there is a good deal cuz they’re a bit expensive rn

Edit: ok Status Audio does deliver worldwide, I can get the CB-1 for 94 bucks idk how much shipping is but shouldn’t be too much, but will they fit my head? :thinking: