Best audio purchase of the year? - 2020 Edition

Continuation of last year. What was your best audio purchase of this year? I went thru a bunch of awesome shit like the Focal Elex, Iloud Micros, sony wi-c200 etc but ultimately the LCD 2 prevailed and stayed at the top lol. The peak of hifi for me so far for sure.

Bust of the year: Fh3, noice iem but expectations sorely did not meet reality lol


Without a doubt it’s the Z1R’s, they’ve taken my IEM listening experience and enjoyment to another level probably so much so that a new set is off the radar next year…instead I’ll be concentrating on sources to compliment that set instead :man_shrugging:

Reecho & Peacock Spring 1’s also get an honourable mention as I love that set and are well worth their asking :dollar:


Buy Singxer Sda 2 C Dac and Emu cups for the Fostex Tr x00 and Denon D2000,Via blue Epc 2 headphone cable for selfmade it was the best buy.


I would say it was my electronic purchases this year. I put a bit more focus on electronics and realized how much of an impact they do. I have previously and have also seen friends get turned off by headphones/speakers/iems because they didn’t use it with good electronics.

When I finally settled on a piece I liked, I saw that upgrading your chain made a huge difference. I better understand how pieces can scale. Also for me, an upgrade in electronics will upgrade multiple headphones/speakers/iems rather than just one individual upgrade.


It should be “Best audio purchase of the year so far?”

Mine T5Vs, to be honest I haven’t been using earphones that much since I got these.


I put 2020 in the title because we’ll probably have one of these threads every year (which is great!).


I’m starting to understand that too, trying to improve on what I like/have rather than buying into the new, latest, best thing…refining what I now own and love is becoming more and more appealing…I don’t think it will be any cheaper tbh but exciting none the less :loud_sound::metal:


My 2020 was a huge revolving door of gear. Picking a few things is really tough. I’ll go by category:

Headphone: 1A HiFiMan Edition X V2, 1B Audeze LCD-2 (rev 1 prefazor), 1C Lawton (level 3) modded TH-X00 (also recabled and detachable modded by me).

Headphone Amp: Monolith Liquid Platinum…honorable mentions to Lake People G111, Schiit Asgard 3, and Eddie Current ZDT Jr.

DAC: Schiit Bifrost 2…honorable mention to Schiit Modius

Here’s hoping for more audio greatness in 2021!


Really hoping for a Hugo 3 :man_shrugging:…(working and saving hard just incase):grimacing:

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I had a situation where there was an IEM in my collection that would have been first to go/sell. It was actually my most expensive one too, so I thought it was “overhyped.” When I gave it proper electronics, it’s now one of my coveted pieces and won’t be sold.

On a side note, this is just based on limited experiences and a pattern, but I have noticed that the unforgiving and picky pieces scale way higher when you finally give it the proper electronics. The forgiving stuff is consistent out of the gates, but don’t scale as high.


Cool :+1: out of interest what was the change that resolved the chain issue? real issues here but interested in solid IEM amp/dac sources lol.

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I’ve made a handful a purchases this year, but my Aeon Closed RT really stand out.
Almost otherworldly how they produce such soundstage from a closed back. The detail retrieval is also wild. It’s always fun to hear new things in a song you’ve been listening to for years.


Simple one, the Genelec 8330 in white. :heart_eyes:


Noiceeeeee. This definitely happened to me too this year

Sweat intensifies


Speakers are king! Honestly the I loud micros were a honorable mention for me too because that speaker sound!!

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Xduoo xd-05 plus.

Powering all my headphones on the go. Yes I am that person who walks around with a brick in their hand and 600 ohm headphone on their head and I love it. I’m just glad its one single brick and not a giant multiple brick of a rig like I’ve seen from people in years past.


I use IEMs for that lol. But i do like portable players to take with u on vacations etc

Porta Pros. I have a loooong list of $200-400 headphones I was considering, but now I don’t feel any desire to get them. These shitty headphones changed my perspective on pricing, and I decided I don’t actually need to pursue expensive audio to have fun. Still drool at the sight of flagships, but I don’t have the budget for those and that’s okay. :stuck_out_tongue:


They are, I’m not claustrophobic or anything, and I still use EPs and IEMs daily, but using speakers I kind of feel “free”. :smile:

I’d like speakers but my music tastes are… unique. My family would not be happy with me blasting music from my room :^)

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