Best closed back headphones under 300? (music/gaming)

Hi! So, for reference, right now I own a Topping A50 + E30, which runs my DT 770’s 80 ohm and Phillips Fidelio X2’s (original), and I have a pair of He-4XX’s and BLON-03’s on their way. I quite enjoy the sparkle of these 2, and the tightness (though not amount) of the bass in my 770’s. I would be using these headphones for 70/30 music and gaming, though I still would like them to be usable in semi-competitive to super sweaty competitive games. For these cans, I’d like something bassy (particularly good sub bass, so I can feel the shake in certain songs) without sacrificing too much mid range or treble clarity. These would be, in essence, my bass cans, but hopefully not “fuck the treble and vocals MURDER BASS” cans. It would also be great if they were wide in soundstage and had really accurate imaging (and maybe instrument separation), as even my X2’s seem to not be the most super accurate in that department. Though they’re not particularly bad at it, I’d like to have a can that does imaging really well as well. I’d like them closed back for isolation purposes, and would prefer to be able to get them within the next month, but if waiting multiple months for something like the Argons is absolutely worth it, I’d be willing to. They most likely won’t be travel cans, either, so as long as my A50 can give them the juice they need, that works for me.

For music (and media consumption, which these would be used for, too), I listen to everything but country and screamo, but particularly like hip hop, edm, rock, indie, and chill/lo-fi music.

The options I seem to have, as far as I’m aware, are between the Argons (which are the biggest contender imo, I hate the wait time but what I’ve heard about the bass and imaging has me drooling), the M1060c’s (it annoys me that the pads are glued on, cause pad swapping would be great), or (maybe) the Dekoni Blues.

I am open to suggestions, and appreciate the help.

If you like the tighter bass on the 770’s the the dekoni blue should be tighter and should be a bit bassier imaging I find to be a bit weaker than the 770. I haven’t paid much attention to closed backs for gaming admittedly but the one I’ve pair most attention to recently and reccomend as it sounds great is the hyper x cloud orbit. Good imaging with good virtual surround sound. Good sound overall for intertainment and music as well if anything they would play very well for music but is a gaming headset so it won’t really take much advantage of your gear

I see. Yeah, I enjoy how the 770 does bass, as it sounds pretty tight to me (but I haven’t got a lot to compare it to, lol), but the problem is I’d like a whole lot more of it, say for something that can handle edm really well (hence this next can being my bass cannon), the 770’s for an all rounder, and my daily driver right now being the X2’s as a very sparkle-y can, though the 4XX’s will probably take that spot.

Apparently, the Beyer MMX 300 is an Argon competitor. I have the Argons, but not the MMX to compare, and am not a gamer, but the Argons have a good stage and seem to image passably.

It’s imaging is above average but if he wants more bass then the 770 it’s not there but should image the same if not better

not sure what ur price range is but the Carbon Nighthawks seem up your alley. I don’t know much about gaming but they do have really good imaging, they are bass cannons but still have very reputable treble and great mids with forward vocals. semi closed as well. and comfort for days. They are slightly harder to find nowadays but depending on where you like (like the UK) they can even be found new at times and when not still around the 250-300 price range

I saw the nightowls for sale somewhere. their the closed back version of the nighthawk

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Here’s the link to Music Direct. They’re said to have a bit more traditional of a sound, but I’ve never heard them to compare.

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I vote the mmx

At this price point and already owning dt770, I’d say save your money until you can move up further.

I own the dt770 80ohm (old plastic version), mogami rewired from cup to cup, detachable cable and dekoni choice leather pads. I have owned the argons mk2 and the mmx300 along with the dt770 all at the same time. I have also owned the m1060c but only at the same time as the Argons. I used the dekoni choice leathers on the mmx300 as well. I am a thick glasses user as well and they were all run from Burson Play. They are all in the same ballpark but here is my imo rankings.

Bass 1060c >> mmx300 > Argon > dt770

Literally the only thing the 1060c has is awesome bass. Everything else about this headphone was average to really bad. The mmx300 has great sub bass rumble more than the Argon. I loved the rumble the mmx put out. Argon probably is better though the whole range.

Mids Argon >> dt770 > mmx300 >> 1060c

Argons sounded best here for the meat of the music. For vocals they were the best of the bunch. Something was really wonky for me with 1060c lots of shout and weirdness. Not as much difference between dt770 and mmx. Dt770 gets the nod because I don’t hear the treble as extended or the bass as boosted.

Treble mmx300 > Argon > dt770 > 1060c

Treble is well extended on mmx and sparkles. May be too much for some but it provides more detail. Argon is more subdued but provides a very pleasant experience. Dt770 somewhere in between not as pleasant as argon but not as detailed as mmx. 1060c just no.

Comfort/Build Argon > dt770 > mmx300 >>>>>>>> 1060c

Argon was very comfortable and built like a tank. Same for dt770 but due to age and mods it has less clamp than the mmx300 and 1060c. Mmx is fine but you get the volume pot cable and it clamps like a banshee out of the box. Stock pads on mmx are also pretty stiff. 1060c lololololololol. I don’t have to say anything about it’s build just look at it. Comfort was ok but why bumps ok the headband who does that?

Not going to give summary on the last two because nothing is standing out from memory.

Soundstage Argon > mmx > dt770

Imaging/detail mmx300 >= Argon > dt770

I feel that when it comes to gaming anything “competent” is fine upgrading for gaming beyond that is dumb and makes no difference.

Overall I regret returning the mmx300. I bought it new for 250 and now it’s gone up in price. It sealed the best for me with my glasses so it provides the best isolation which to me is the only reason to use a closed back. It’s mic while sensitive also sounds really good. I don’t feel the Argons are worth the wait time at this point and with the increase in price on the mmx plus the dekoni pads not sure that’s worth it either. With the wait time and extra added cost I’m not sure either argon or the mmx present great value.

Like I said I’d keep your dt770 and save your money for something that’s a further step up unless you hate them or just have to have something new.


I see, yeah, in this case I just wanted a closed back bass cannon to be a complement to the 770’s, cause I like them, but don’t want them to be my only closed back. After that, I am still tempted to leap for argons, even if they don’t have huge amounts of bass, as long as Argons would work well on EDM music as well. I appreciate the comparison, and wanted to ask if you’ve heard the Audioquest Nightowls, as those look like they might be what I’m looking for, as suggested by another user.

For comparison sake (if this helps), I threw some some AHG sheepskin pads on the DT 770’s, which are fairly comfortable and maybe increased the bass a little, but other than that I didn’t notice too much change.

My price range stops right around 300, if there’s something amazingly better for 350 I might be able to squeeze it, but someone posted Nightowl’s B-stock on Music Direct for 300 exactly. How would you say you’ve liked them/used them. And, also, I am in the USA, for reference.

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Thank you, now I’m sort of tempted to leap for these, and I’m hoping they’re still available in about a month when I want to get them. It’s probably, at this point, these, or Argons.

Nighthawks or Nightowls would depend on whether you want a Dark headphone or not as these are pretty dark. Pretty special headphone. Would definitely go Argons though if you wanted that bass.

How would you compare the Argon’s and Nightowls (as I think the Owls are the only one closed back)?

i haven’t used the nightowl, but to my knowledge it seems to be identical to the nighthawks in tuning. the presentation should be the only difference. probably less open sounding of course too. I would love it if someone here has tried them to give their knowledge on it. but as someone who has used the hawks, if it’s anything like the hawks i think it’s a major go. Beautiful deep bass, amazing mids, and pretty good treble. the sound signature is a W as well so it’s super engaging, great imaging etc. i think that would probably be a safe bet and worthy upgrade in many ways

Nightowls are indeed the closed back while nighthawks are open. Nightowls are Dark yet bassy, sounds very similar to the nighthawk imo just with more bass, while Argons are Warm and balanced.

If you had to pick only one to power bassy tracks (say bass heavy edm and hip hop) and gaming, which one would you pick?

That is very tempting, and if they still have it available for 300, that might just be what I have to go for.

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For gaming? I like a more balanced sound with my heavier bass so Argons or MMX300 if you can’t get argon. Nightowl can make some particular things sound muffled or veiled, meanwhile others really sound incredible, in some cases not to say it’s bad by any means that’s just how I hear them though I kept my nighthawks and gave my owls to a buddy of mine. Not sure if it’s truly a W though as I don’t own any other W signatures or really anything that I have auditioned that is similar in comparison. It’s an incredibly unique headphone. Make sure to get the Carbons though if your going to get with the Nightowl. I only have experience with the Carbons but they are said to sound better and they come with an additional set of pads to alter the sound a bit which is nice.