Best True wireless earbuds

Hello my familie wants to buy me a Nice present since its my birthday soon. I’d really like to get a pair of bluetooth or other wireless connectivity earbuds. Just for the convenience.

I do know when you go wireless you sacrifice some qaulity for comfort though id still like to get a good quality from them. I was hopeing someone with experience could advise me on the best sounding pair.

They will be used for YouTube and music listening.
I listen to alot of edm(house,techno,hardstyle), DnB so good bass would be Nice.
Really enjoy hearing the sax and the piano aswel.

Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 get a lot of good reviews :+1:


Personally, I really enjoyed soundcore liberty air 2 wireless earbuds for their v signature but also that it has an equalizer to let you adjust it a bit. Other than that I use the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Plus which I find really friggin good and was recommended to me from this site.


These look very intresting i wonder how they compare to the sennheisers

Yeah i am also looking into the galaxy plus earbuds though i am wondering if there isnt a better option

I have the B&O E8 2.0s and am really pleased with them. I know, that they aren’t the most affordable set, but with the new 3.0s coming out, they’ve dropped in price. The eq options in the app is more that sufficient for most users, and their overall build quality is superb. They feel nice, fits well, and sound fantastic.

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one of the jabra buds

Perhaps this will help you out. @RiceGuru recommended me this guide here for True wireless recommendations it’s a pretty good list and from my experience so far fairly accurate.

of course theres alternatives too


Z had a really interesting take on this:

With the Fiios you can take any IEMs and make them wireless. They sacrifice some convenience such as lacking a charging case, but open the door to using any and all IEMs instead of being limited to TWS buds.

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I am using the sony wf-1000xm3 and I think they are doing a good job. Noise cancelling works fine especially at work or during a flight. Battery power is good (6-8h) and the case has a quick charging feature. The case needs to be recharged after three 0-100% charges. Plus it has USB C connector. The headphones made my 30h flight down to Tasmania a lot more comfortable. No battery issues & and silence when you want / need it.

Equalizer is on board and has to be adjusted using the Sony headphones app … which is a pretty poor app, but you will not use it on a daily basis.

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Hows the bass on them i dont really care for al the features just want great sound quality and good bass

This link actually really helped was about to focus on the sennheiser but his review put me off. Id figure a sennheiser product would be really great their one of the most expensive ones aswel. Leaning toward the Sony’s more now just want good highs and bass without bleeding it into the mids. I see you have the galaxy buds + hows the bass on them?

Ability to turn any IEMs wireless is amazing though i dont see myself walking around with this behind my ears.

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good but definitely not bass head levels. I don’t feel that it’s very lacking or anything though its pretty good all considering since wireless lose some quality.

I found this for wired IEMs… works great…10 bucks… In a pinch it does the job

Tranya Rimor or T3 for like ~$40

I just recently picked these up, but hadn’t tried them yet. Just gave them a try with Campfire Andromeda Golds. Wow!

They’re essentially weightless, and did a great job staying put. Not a bother in the slightest–they’re less intrusive than wearing sunglasses.

Snapped a quick pic to show how out of the way these things get.

Anyway, I’m really enjoying these. Pretty wild to enjoy Andro Golds without the tether of cables.

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Without any eq, they are quite neutral but they can become serious bass canons through the app

How does the Andromeda Gold sound with cable vs with the Fiio wireless?

So, wireless there’s a little bit of hiss, and maybe the detail resolution isn’t as fine as it is when wired out of a nice DAP, but the voicing is the same (clear mids, good separation, decent amount of bass). The staging was quite good wireless, which I think was the most enjoyable bit for me. I was expecting a more compromised sound out of the FIIOs, to be honest, but > 90% of the goodness came through. They’re very recognizably still Andro Golds in all respects, except I can drive them with my phone and then set the phone down and wander around.

I do need to go near max volume over Bluetooth to drive the Golds to a good level, but they get plenty loud enough. Overall, I’d characterize the experience as not reference-quality listening, and yet still easily the best Bluetooth IEM experience to date. Like listening wired, but with a higher noise floor when nothing is playing, and a tiny bit of graininess while playing that is easily overlooked given the cut cords.