🔶 Beyerdynamic DT880 600Ω

bottlehead crack is much better then darkvoice and not that much more. 10$ for a cheap solder gun and solder. soldering is very easy, if thats your hang up.

i like mine a lot on my lyr3 as well, but they are now on lyr4 and its 100$ more then lyr3, and havent heard it to see if they changed the sound.

chain synergy with hp’s is important. and the chain can 100% be more expensive then the headphones. people use 15k$ dacs with headphones for instance. outside of the senn absurdly high system, no headphones sniff that price. enjoyment of the noise coming out is all that matters. all that being said, the dt880’s scale above their price point a bit. they 100% benefit from a chain that costs more then they do. up to a point anyways, and your list is a good list and hits more of the better options.

but as others have noted, what dac are you using? your chain could benefit from that as much as a new amp, depending

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I appreciate all the replies :grinning:

That sounds pretty appealing, I’ll definitely look more into this one. I do know it is the most expensive one on my list though by a few hundred dollars where I live :sweat_smile:

Currently I’m using a Motu M4 as a DAC so it’s probably not the best but I need to use an interface for mic and guitar inputs. I’ve got the DT880 600 and have been looking at the ATH-R70X which seems to pair well with tubes too so it does seem like getting a better OTL amp is the way I should be going.

Nah not scared of doing a bit of soldering, it’s more the price for me to get one in Australia. It would almost end up being double what I can get a Darkvoice for. I have seen the BHC go on sale in the past though so I’ll hope for a black friday sale next month

Ah cool I hadn’t considered the lyr, didn’t know they released a new one either.

So yeah as i replied above I’m using a Motu M4, I can see it’s probably the weakest link in my chain but I’m not planning on replacing it just yet. In the future I’d maybe get a high end interface like an RME or get a BF2 keep the M4 around just for the inputs, but I’m a ways from being able to put down that kind of money on audio gear at the moment.
You’re definitely right though, the cost of the headphones doesn’t matter if the gear makes them sound great.

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hm yeah if you’re using the Motu as a DAC I think you won’t get much better with SS amps but a otl tube will still get you the tuby goodness but be prepared to get some decent tubes for rolling to find your preferred kind of tube sound

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is there a spot on the DT800 that says what it’s ohm rating is? someone has a good deal on a pair but doesn’t recall which one they have.

For the DT880 apparently it says on that you could tell what impedance it is on the plug of the device

Nothing is 250 ohm, and it tells if it is 32 or 600

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Some models have it on the cable end connection.
My pic:

awww nutz…I think they did a cable upgrade. LoL!

Easiest solution would be a multimeter between tip and ground :stuck_out_tongue:

Wasup Folks
I have a doubt Here
I living on Portugal and I bough a Dt 880 600ohms
And i searchin for the most cheap (and good) DAC for my Headphone
Whats is the Best/Cheap DAC from me and my Headphone?
Other doubt is what Dt 880 pro is best? 250 ohms ou 600 ohms?
Thanks for helping

A lot of information in this thread. Others will be helpful in regard to your location. Minimum would be something like a Monoprice Liquid Spark, I think. Then Schiit Asgard 3. Lake People G111 ideal for still cheapish.

You’ve bought headphones that don’t deserve cheaping-out on source chain. They require and reward. Cheap all in one units not going to be the way to go. Budget DAC, I think is more flexible and recos there can be contingent on preference, goal and amp synergy.

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Thank you @lrjshabaz for your patience
I reading in slow mode this topic so I start my doubt and for my surprise you start helping me
So man
I need to buy a condenser too next month my pocket as empty lol :sweat_smile:
I ll consider spend more money in that DAC
But I still needing a tip on Portugal to find a good DAC for my DT 880 600 ohms
With certain should have good options
I ll pass 4 months here studying music

iFi Audio Zen DAC V2 Desktop DAC and Headphone Amplifier

This can be useful?

I think only the DAC section will prove useful. I’d sooner spend most of the $200 on a standalone amp and do a cheap, temporary DAC solution.

Tell us more about how you’ll use them.

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Firstly, I already worked with audio for 5 years, I had to temporarily leave to treat my health and, together with that, I got rid of all my equipment.
Well the years have passed and here I am again and well
And I’m getting back to buying my equipment and I don’t want to waste time here.
I’ve worked with Samba and HipHop in Brazil and today I’m selfmade.
I think i’ll use them to check my pre/pos bounce and find some error on that track
Amplifier is an amplifier i think =)
I Study Audio for Years and i From Brazil and i ll be on Portugal Till March.
i think i can return to my house with this Headphone a Microphone and a Headphone Amplifier and something more
I Use Logic Pro X NOW on a CATALINA Macbook
and I hope buy a Pro Tools Soon for purpose is my favorite DAW but now i using Logic Pro X for some questions
Do you recommend me a DAC for my listening and mixing music?
I Returning to study and work now
and we have much new things “discovered” in this 8 years

I see somebody recommend this one.

But what Dac Chipset is best for dt 880?

I should buy a Magni 3+

Olá! Seja bem vindo a Hifi Guides Forum!

Now, since you’re in Portugal some of the usual recommendations may not apply. Schiit and Geshelli Labs, for example, are made in the US, and getting them can be more expensive because of shipping and customs.

I’ll ping @nymz and @Tonytex_Teixeira as they’re both my Portuguese reference here in the forum, maybe they can help you with places to buy gear.

I’ll also send you a PM so we can talk in our language (also Brazilian here)


Obrigado Fabio!
My Pleasure to be part of This Forum Now!
So much knowledge and good information!
Im back to the music(Godam corrector) in this 2023 and I hope find so much information here with all nationalities.
Portugal i Have some Friends French too
Germany and Italy too in special Italy with a oldscholl radio DJ from Roma
in the time of Beastie Boys and lot of parties like no other
So Music is My Official Hobby and what I really spend my time for real
Im choosing and studyin my Final DAC / Headphone amplifier and soon I hope buy till final of February
Is so many options and variations of technical parts them I buried lol
Thank you @fabiokelm and @lrjshabaz for the initial contact

Hm I still have a g103p laying around that would be a good choice but for that one you’ll need a balanced DAC, so that makes the thing more complicated :sweat_smile: hit me up if you’re interested or need some recommendations in the cheapish DAC sector ^^

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Choosin Asgard 2
and jnog 2
STill searching for DAC CHIPSET information reference

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