🔶 Beyerdynamic T1 Gen3

This is the official thread for the Beyerdynamic T1.3

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Type: Over Ear
  • Amp needed: Yes
  • Open Back

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Z Reviews…

Hi everyone! Some already know. Here are some pictures I found.


T1.3rd and t5p.3rd.



Seems like beyerdynamic changed their logo, I thought it was the tygr logo lol

Yep, the mosaic logo.

I like them. Very sleek.

I’m curious if there’ll be a significant sonic difference again like there was between the t1 and t1.2.

hmm interesting… sharp looking. sorta curious

But can it come in chrome or all black? lol. Not a big fan of the grey but I will give it that it looks very sleek. I am very interested to see information on this new T1 rumor is it’s dialed into 32 ohms. T1 is typically a very demanding headphone so this may be a good change… Just hoping they did right by the sound. The inside looks a little different too potentially padded? Doesn’t look like my own T1.2

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It looks like the padding used in the tygr and the amiron wireless.

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Realized that as well upon further look. Wonder how that will influence the sound.

That would be unfortunate imo

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It is 32 ohm.

Well that’s good for me lol saves me some money

how does t1 compare to t5p?

Well rip there goes the desire to get one lol


I had been reading for a while about it being 32 Ohm. Hopefully it’s a big seller so there are lots of used T1.2’s for sale at a good price.

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But what if the prices on t1.2 start rising, I just picked one up today because I wanted to get my hands on a 600 ohm if anything dumb happens lol


If anything I would think prices would go up or they’d continue selling the 1.2 alongside the 1.3

For the tube lovers

Pretty much, even if the t1.3 sounds great, being 32 ohm for the most part eliminates it from use with mainstay otl amps, and also makes it more picky for what tube amps work well with it. Beyer is like one of the only companies where you can look at their headphones and assume higher impedance correlates with better performance lol (most of the time it will really tell you nothing useful). I typically wouldn’t care if they changed the impedance of their headphones, but beyer stuff is kinda synonymous with tube amps and high impedance