Budget bassy headphones under 100$?

Was going to buy the Monoprice Modern Retro’s but they cost 50$ for me since I’m outside the U.S, still 50$ locally as well.

Was recommended the Blon B8 on reddit, other options that I know of are Creative Aurvana Live and the Takstar Pro 82. What do you think of these headphones?

Are there any other options you would recommend?

My experience with the retros was crazy fun bass but I couldn’t achieve a good seal with the stock pads and there was a peak somewhere in the treble region I found offputting… the cals are pretty great and would be the best option I think unless you plan on going portable and need something more robust I’d go with the pro 82s

I cant speak to the blon b8 though… havent heard them

Recommend Moondrop Starfield: Moondrop Starfield (TinHiFi T4 Killer?)

Cost to performance ratio is tuff with headphones. Honestly IEMs are the way to go for cheap but GOOD audio for me. Personally I loved the bass of the blons but I’ve heard very good things about those guiderays and there are plenty of other options IEM-wise

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Got the B8s brand new and used Pro 82 version 2 from a friend. I would recommend both for separate of my uses but I am not a pro, these are just my personal experiences.

For warm and wide sound, I tend to like the B8 more.
For brightness the Pro 82 won’t bother your ears, the B8 can really produce highs well its just that human hearing would get tired from highs easier. B8 highs are not piercing per se for my ears but they’re surely more detailed than the Pro 82 which I think produces a suppressed and controlled feeling on the highs. This helps with long listening sessions plus they’re more comfortable. The B8’s stock pads need to be replaced anyway, you can check the Drop discussion on great pads for them.
For gaming and imaging the Pro 82 served me best, the B8 has a wider soundstage though so this would depend if you’re gaming for competitive or immersive cases.

I have to ask, are you looking for closed-backs alone?

The creative aurvana live would definitely be my pick, pretty awesome sound with great bass. The build isn’t the best but the sound is great for the price

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If you want to try something that has better build quality than the CAL, I would suggest the Koss KPH30i. Looks silly, but Koss is well known for making silly looking headphones with amazing sound. I own these and I can say they are some of the best ‘bassy’ headphones for under $100. Soundstage is pretty good too, the treble is quite recessed, and as such they are darker, and the bass has some really nice warmth and punch to it. Only $30 on Amazon. I was amazed how good the low end was for the price, even compared to other more expensive hifi headphones.
If you are okay with IEMs (in ears), the KZS10 Pro has really good bass. And the BLON BL-03 is really good too, I would just recommend getting a different wire and different tips for a better fit. The Guideray Gr-i is very comfortable and has good bass as well, and already come with a nice wire and a variety of tips.

Regarding the kph30i, it has good bass but lacks in subbass performance, so it would depend on what type of bass you are going for

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Ah I have the Blons BL-03, I’m interested in trying out some bassy headphones is all.


Feel free to recommend anything. Just interested in trying some bassy headphones. Probably won’t use them for any competitive games.

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The blon b8 sounds like a good headphone. I think zeos called the sivga variant a baby th900 for under $100.

They’ll cost about 70+$ for me, but I am interested in trying them!

Looking at the drop.com reviews of the Blon B8 people say the sivga 006 sounds narrower and bassier, any idea if the difference is huge?

Most likely a very subtle differences that you really would have to listen for.

Out of those two I’d go for whatever is cheaper

Hmm sound wise which would you pick? The CAL of KPH30i? Will be only used at home so long as it’s not fragile like glass I’ll be fine with it.

Ah the Blon B8 is wayyy cheaper, about 30$ cheaper. I am considering these, but with other recommendations I feel like I’ll end up with more than one headphones now lol.

Out of the 2 in terms of quantity I believe the CALs are bassier and would be my pick. The kph30i are just good cheap open back warmth

Eh as a but if a Bass head the m40x while has decent bass especially given a pad change its a headphone I wouldnt really consider for bass considering the competition