🔷 Burson Soloist 3X GT

This is the official thread for the Soloist 3X Grand Tourer

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • 10W XLR Class A Headphone Amp
  • Reference Class Pre Amp
  • Burson V6 Vivid OpAmps

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90 watts idle… wtf burson lmao

Just got this in an email from Burson Audio. It is related to the video above:

Passion-for-Sound 2 days Grand Tourer offer

For the next two days only, every Soloist 3X GT order will come with a free Cool stand and our upcoming Super Charger 5A.

The total value for freebies is over 500USD.

Offer ends 29th October.

All pre-ordered GTs will start shipping from 10th November


Imagine this paired with a Ferrum HYPSOS?!
That would sound pretty sweet I bet!

I think Lachlan’s review was pretty great but not sure I’m sold on. Sitting on the fence even with the ore order price and the power supply upgrade.

I was excited for Volot as well but since it has been crickets and quality issues. I don’t expect the same from Burson just not sure it’s that much of an improvement over 3XP.

Per Sandu

That is correct, GT uses a 24V 5A (120W) SMPS, compared to 24V 3A on the Soloist 3X. Burson will be releasing at a later date a Super Charger 5A that will be specifically designed for the GT and Timekeeper 3i.
GT will be compared with Volot and maybe with a Ferrum OOR + Hypsos combo in my upcoming review.
Stay tuned for that :wink:

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Nice! The Ferrum stuff just oozes greatness aesthetics-wise imo. And it’ll probably be more versatile being good driving IEMs. I am curious how much of an improvement I’d get using the Hypsos w/ the regular soloist vs the supercharger. That’d be interesting. Might be getting one in the near future.

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If I am ever crazy enough to get a Hifiman Susvara or Abyss 1266 Phi TC this will be the amp I will get.

This looks good. I guess the big question is gonna be the DAC.

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I guess pairing it with a Burson DAC would be a safe bet like the Composer 3X Performance DAC