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my listings on the classifieds
also have a backup 7HZ timeless $150, (Moondrop Aria-Sold), and Khadas Tea $160 up for grabs but I’m at post limit I guess

willing to negotiate with reasonable offers :slight_smile:

Bump on both


Hey guys long time reddit user. First time posting here. Wanted to post some of my gear I have for sale. Please let me know of there is any format I should be following and pm me if interested. My price include shipping to Conus.

Wells Audio Milo Upgraded - $1900

Looking to sell my Wells Audio Milo headphone amplifier. This unit includes almost all of the upgrades from the Reference Milo ($5000), which helped improve clarity and separation compared to its stock version:

  • Khozmo stepped attenuator volume control
  • Vishay Naked Z Foil series resistors
  • Bybee Tech mini AC purifier
  • Furutech gold IEC
  • Furutech fuses

It has been kept in excellent condition with the exception of some light scratches on the top of the metal fins.

Comes in original packaging (see pictures) and a bonus upgraded Wireworld Aurora 52 power cable.

Selling it to get some cash to upgrade my speaker system.

Given the insane amount of output power that the Milo provides, it is sufficient to drive even the Abyss AB-1266 and HiFiMan Susvara with ease. In terms of sound, the clarity, detail and resolution that you get out of this amp is excellent.

Photo Album (you can pm for more pictures if you would like): Milo - Album on Imgur

Abyss Diana V2 - $2300

Purchased new in December 2020 and registered in early 2021 upon receipt.

I am the second owner and they are in excellent condition and come with the travel bag, 1.5m cable with 4.4mm pentaconn connection and original packaging.

Overall one of the best/ most complete sound in a headphone that I have heard thus far. However I’m selling as my listening time has been transitioning more and more to iems.

Photo Album: Diana v2 - Album on Imgur

Kinera - Mount Nanna 2.0 Hybrid Electrostatic IEM - $630

Purchased from Audio46 back in March 2021. I cant believe i am selling this pair, its been my favorite for the past year or so. Great but not overbearing bass, soothing mids and controlled highs. Overall really a great headphone.

They are in excellent condition and come with original packaging and accessories.

Photo Album: Kinera nanna - Album on Imgur

Haldane AKG N5005 Male to 0.78mm Female Converter - $26


  • Selling 4 packs, each pack contains the following:
    • XS X 1 PAIR
    • S X 1 PAIR
    • L X 1 PAIR
    • Bought them from Japan, took out the mediums which is the size I use. The rest are unused/new .
    • Price per pack $15
    • All together $50 (Plus ill throw in the spinfits)

Spinfit CP500 Tips

  • Selling one pack containing the following:
    • S (Only three pieces)
    • Took out only one, The rest are unused/new .
    • Price $6

Photo: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Tip Storage - Price: $15

Photo: Tip cases - Album on Imgur


[WTS - UK]

Had a few offers on my Singxer SA-1 but I haven’t been able to move it so far. I’ve listed it on eBay, 99p start, no reserve: Singxer SA-1 Fully Balanced Analog Class A Headphone Amplifier/Pre Amp | eBay

Hello everyone,

Nice to be part of this community i just found out.

I am based in Cyprus EU the equipment is preetty light so shipping via protected DHL,FEDEX etc priority would be cheap and this is a great deal i believe.

Please see below:

IFI xDSD Gryphon 4 month old with 2 year warantee bought from with receipt and warantee.

Excellent condition with all accessories.

Reason for change bought Topping A90SE and D90.

Been used a dozen of times.

Receipt and everything included.

Price is 330 euro only. It was bought from where i have all receipts. Was bought 599 euro.

Selling Shure SE846-CL bought 5 months (still warantee 1.5 years) ago with all accessories + Spinfit CP800 ear plugs small, medium and large.

This is from official Shure: "Hi Yiannis,

You have our the best wired earphone solution - SE846-CL-EFS model."

These IEM’s have been used a maximum of 20 times and i have attached all receipts. They were bought on the 28 of January for 790 euro (i have attached my credit card charge) without counting in the spin fits.

Reason for selling them is that i also bought the LSA-HP2 ULTRA and i barely use them and instead of having them sit there i want to sell them to invest in a better amp.

That is the final price as i believe its an excellent price for what is offered.

I am also selling IFI xDSD Gryphon portable amp 6 months old. If anyone wants a price together let me know.

Thank you everyone,

The price for the Shure is 340 without shipping (shipping anywhere worldwide express insured wouldnt cost more than 20-40 depending on country) euro also as you can attached is the receipt i bought them 790 that was with a 15% discount. They are registested with Shure website also they have anything you need.

If anyone is interested on buying both i am willing to sell them 620 which i believe is a fantastic buy. The reasons are exactly as mentioned i have upgraded my system i also have the qudelix for portable and just seeing the Shure and the Gryphon sitting there is sad someone can enjoy them cause it is an amazing sounding amp/dac and amazing IEMs. I also have extra pair of the nozzles. I have 2 black ones, 2 white ones and 1 blue.

If anyone is interested you can contact me via whatsapp or call me at +35799846276 - Thanks



Want to sell a new, unopened TRN BAX. Bought directly from Linsoul during the 618 sale, but have decided to focus just on enjoying and getting to know the headphones I have before getting too into the weeds.

Asking for $250 shipped, CONUS. PayPal G&S.

Comes with 2.5mm connector

Hifiman headband
Looking for Hifiman headband for my Mod R7DX. Tried the Sundara headband and didn’t fit to well. Need the new headband that comes on Hifiman Deva,HE-560 V4,HE-400se,etc. Thanks, Chris

Taobao has the Nan-6 heaband for sale for like $40. I use one on my HE6 and it’s fantastic.

Can’t get it to load.switched to English but still can’t get it to work

[WTS] 177X GO/HE4XX/M3X/K361
Moving Fire Sale - Buy my stuff, shipping included! Prices reasonably negotiable, and PayPal F&F or Venmo preferred.

Moondrop Aria 65 (f&f 60)

See Audio Yume Midnight - 170 (f&f 150)

Beyerdynamic 177X GO - 300 (f&f 260)

Meze 99 Neo - 150 (f&f 130)

Hifiman HE4XX -130 (f&f 100)

Shanling M3X - 300 (f&f 260) with black case.

AKG K361 - 90 (f&f 70) no box, but does have all its original cables and bag.

PM me for any pictures

[WTS][USA-VA] Bunch of stuff. Open to offers.

A&S Forge tube amp (8/100 taps) - $1800
Audio Technica ADX5000 - $1300
Fostex TH900 MK2 White - $1300
Rosson Rad0 - $1800
Focal Elegia - $350

Pics available upon request to serious buyers.

Side note: if anyone has an ifi iESL for sale, I’m interested.


Maybe try pulling some of the link off the end. It might have some kind of referral or shop ID built into the link IDK how they work.

You don’t seem to have mentioned your location or currency? Though I’d guess it’s US based off the prices

Oh yeah, sorry about that! It’s US and USD as you guessed

I’m selling my Nighthawk Carbon, almost like brand new. Pics upon request.
I’m from EU, so for some of you shipping might cost a little.
150€ (It’s like 160$) + shipping.
But we can discuss the final price.


Great pair of headphones, highly recommend.

Wanting to sell my SMSL SH-6 amp. It was in use for a little under two months and it is in excellent condition. It will come with Apos RCA cables as well. So you are all set to go! Please let me know if you have any question. Price is $105.00. Thanks,Chris

Selling my Xduoo XD-05 DAC/Amp,Moondrop CHU. The Xduoo is in great condition and sounds awesome as well. Been sitting in my drawer for about 6 months. The Moondrop CHU is brand new and still sealed in original packaging. Please let me know if you have any questions. I am asking $120 for both. Thanks,Chris

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[WTS - EU]

I want to sell some of my IEMs (PayPal Friends+Family). I will ship from Germany:

  • Moondrop Variations - 390 Euro + Shipping
    I just got the Variations and only listened a few hours, so it’s almost unused. They are not what I expected tuning wise, so I will stick with my Mest MK2 instead. Instead of shipping them back to China, maybe someone else wants to get them for a good price
  • 7hz Timeless (3.5mm cable) - 180 Euro + Shipping
    It is the second revision (with the case for the tips) and I didn’t encounter any QC issues. I used them a lot, but between the Moondrop Chu and the Mest MK2 these find almost no playing time, so hopefully someone else can get more use out of them

Feel free to reach out to me if there are any questions.

Interest check
Focal Radiance $825, Shipped CONUS
Would do $800 (PayPal F&F)
Comes with all original packaging and stock cable (braided cable in picture not included)
Also comes with two sets of dekoni pads. One hybrid and one all suede.