Buy/Sell and Looking for Thread


Greetings hifiguides,

IEM sale!

Looking to sell some of my recent purchases to recoup some cash.

Price includes PayPal goods and services fee and Shipping to Conus. Pm me if interested or have any questions.

I’m selling a new custom XINHS cable:

  • 4-core single crystal copper silver-plated graphene
  • 0.78mm 2Pin
  • Length: 1,4m
  • Plug: 3,5mm
  • Price: 40€ + shipping

Shipping within Europe, I accept Paypal only. Feel free to contact me if you any questions.

Hay guys,

I have a Hifiman Susvara the 2.5 mm version for sale. I live in the ME region, specifically between Dubai and Saudi.

I’m looking to get a 3400 USD including PP fees and shipping anywhere in the world.

I have bought and sold multiple stuff from other members. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Bump and price drop on both items
Penon Serial - $220 shipped F&F
Smabat M2s Pro - $30 shipped F&F
Combo deal - $240 shipped F&F

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Shure SE846 in excellent condition with full accessories and extra eartips.
350Euros & Postal expenses.

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Great price on that amp

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Bump and price drop!

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WTS Cavalli Liquid Carbon X
$100 Shipped (CONUS)
Original Packaging


good amp, good price

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For sure, I’d imagine a high shipping fee to swallow.

[WTS CONUS] ZMF Vérité Closed Manchurian Ash “Rarities”

mint condition, comes with auteur pads and upgraded lektrik S cable
link to my reddit post

Hey all it’s been a minute… selling some things I no longer use.
Paypal or venmo accepted, CONUS only please. I will pay for shipping. Let me know if you have questions or comments.

TH-X00 Ebony $450 SOLD - Attached are ZMF cowhides because the original pads for these are absolutely terrible, but I have included the OG pads as well. This is NOT the detachable cable version. 2nd owner, there are about 3 small scratches on the left cup, but other than that in good condition. Had for about a year.

Abyss Diana v2 $2050 - Comes with DMS pads that need some new glue as well as the OG pads that are in essentially perfect condition. I never purchased the v3 pads. Original cable and handbag + box. 3rd owner, had these for about 11 months now.

Topping e30 dac $110 - Amazing entry level dac, but now that I have a better dac I just simply am not using this anymore.

V-Moda Crossfade LP $75 - This was my very first “hifi” headphone lol. This does not come with a cable as I do not have one anymore, but you can get one on v-modas website for $12 if you don’t already have one. (Common t50rp cable replacement)







Hifiman Ananda $420

Wanting to get rid of my Hifiman Ananda.I am asking $420 for them. They are in excellent condition with no marks,scrapes,scuffs,or imperfections. The sound great and are extremely comfortable.I only used them for a couple of hours.I’m getting rid of them because I prefer my Edition XS more.Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks as always,Chris

Interest check, I wanna upgrade to the M300 MkII so I’d be selling my pair of the Swan D300 (EU).
First owner, they work flawlessly, they never even left the speaker stands since I got them a year ago
Any takers?

Is anyone looking to sell their Raptgo Hook-X? I’m really interested in getting a pair to try and thought I might as well see if there’s any going?

Price Drop! Boxed ready to ship!


Will be curious what you think about them when you get a pair.

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Selling a Stellia.

Asking $1675.00.

I’d prefer to sell, but I’m open to trade offers.

Images can be found here: Stellia - Album on Imgur



WTS Jamo C93 ii $200 OBO (US/TX) including shipping.
Haven’t been using them since I picked up my Fluance AI61.
There is light cosmetic damage, but nothing that will effect performance.
If you are going to low ball me because you’re concerned about flipping them(for example, you’re going to review then turn around to resell for profit), or are going to ask me to knock off more than it would cost to ship, I’m not going to accept. Yes, I’m being that specific for a reason.


Rosson RAD-0 for $1499 + fees & shipping

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