Buy/Sell and Looking for Thread

I really liked it. It’s a awesome pairing. I’d keep it but I have an envy now and it works with the Utopia and Susvara so I feel I shouldn’t keep both.

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You want that AMP, Yes you do!

They don’t come up that often and not as pristine as that one. Also, no long multi-month wait time for one to be built. Hell, I’m starting to want it and I don’t have anything tube needy…


The DAC has to come first, and I can’t pay for that until next week. :sob:

If it’s still available after I pay Vincent for my d1-unity next week, then @Delta9K might talk me into buying it.

Not that he’d have to twist my arm very hard.

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I love the custom cable colors!


I had that as a kid!!!

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Awesome dac! Hope you enjoy!

Selling a mint condition pair of YanYin x HBB Mahina! The best Tribrid IEM in the price range, imho. Selling reluctantly to fund stereo amplifier for my speaker setup.

$650 MSRP.

Selling for $480.

I’m a reputable seller with great reviews on my Head-Fi classifieds feedback page.

Edit: still for sale!


Cool Stuff for Sale or Trade

Hey friends,

Below are things I’d be willing to sell or trade:

  1. Rosson RAD-0
  2. Moondrop Kato ← SOLD
  3. DCA Aeon Flow (OG) ← SOLD

Any questions, please reach out! :sunglasses:


Wanting to sell (within Europe, idealy germany)

FiiO FH5 like new conditon 165,-€

Tangzu Zetian Wu like new condition 100,-€

A bump, with sold items removed:

Prices are in USD and are F&F. I have a perfect track record on here and r/AVExchange and HeadFi, no interest in doing wrong by anyone. Rare issues have always been resolved, and I have loaned and returned multiple thousand $ worth of goods on trust alone. It’s not the PayPal fees, it’s the government trying to tax anything over $600 per year a flat 15% with no mechanism for easily showing these are losses or break-evens in a hobby.

Prices include first class shipping (if under a lb, priority if over) USPS to CONUS.

Wired earphones

  • 48 VE Pro Super Nova headphones stock pads in perfect condition, slight wear on outside of cups from where headband contacts them (photo in album). I know they are $50 new but that’s without $13 shipping and any tax plus a delay of 2 weeks or so. If you add $18 I can include Brainwavz perforated pads, otherwise I’ll return them to Amazon. Reminded me of the DT 770 Pro 32, but I prefer these, just very little isolation at all for a closed back.
  • 315 ISN EST50 original cable, IEMs themselves, that’s all. I haven’t taken photos yet, condition is perfect but would be happy to oblige. Light green on black. I’m deliberately selling these before I can listen to them more because they were a long time curiosity and I legit love them. I do not have the funds to keep them.
  • 215 Yanyin Canon. Add $6 to include box. Could not find any flaws, all accessories included. Fully functional quirk: switches flipped on one side! Still work perfectly, and are correctly labeled. In a Serial-less world, these would do me fine. Which is why I have them, it looked like my Serials had a permanent issue but there was a quick fix. I’m back on cloud Serial for the foreseeable future once more.
  • 45 Rikubuds Grand Archer IMHO one of the very best value buys of this entire listing. If I didn’t still have the Stellar as a cheap bud and Serratus as a TOTL bud, these wouldn’t be walking. REALLY good, across the board.
  • 45 Penon Fan OG awful cable, lovely design, heck of a fun single DD. Snazzy box and hecka tips.
  • 10 Smabat M2S add-on only, may not include box. No cable, must have combined with with something else in the past. (Not the pair I received for free Cal! I already passed those on for free, this is a second set from a trade)
  • 20 Penon PAC buds I have a lot of time for these, but prefer other buds in the end. Pretty good for wearing up or down, comes with cable.
  • 15 KBEar F1 Amber color, 1 pair of tips missing.
  • 15 KBear F1 Smokey color, everything as it came.

Wireless earphones

  • 35 Mifo O7 the version with CNT driver, bass for days, very classy case and metal construction.
  • 15 Aukey EP-T32 design follows Powerbeats Pro’s precedent, good cheap bud for workouts due to hooks, though barely used by me at all and only at a desk, no sweaty workouts.
  • 40 Beats Studio Buds I didn’t expect this, but they are my favorite TWS tuning so far. Sound great with everything. Legit Apple, certainly not a clone, and they have warranty all the way through to September this year. Not bad!
  • 30 Sony MDR-EX750BT I’ll be sad to see these go because they sound great, and this older style is very comfortable if you’re not running/working out. Has a cable that converts it to wired, and a charge cable and pouch. I think it’s in the spirit of the MH755, definitely shares the looks.


  • 120 Shanling UP5 Might as well be new condition-wise, no blemishes, little “leather” case, all accessories and box. For me a very handy way to have all 3 jack types readily available. Great battery life, power, and sound.
  • 120 SounDroid Valoq (DAP) Exceptionally rare, great sound, doesn’t hold a charge but batteries can be found on Aliexpress. Jog wheel navigation, very sturdy volume/power knob, easy hatch on the back to roll op amps, screen displays album art. Some scuffs on screen, and minor wear elsewhere.
  • 15 ddHiFi TC35i (2022) lightning to 3.5mm adapter, therefore a DAC. Works great, form factor doesn’t work as well as pigtail when in a cradle I use often.
  • 55 LG V35 It’s an AT&T model but I think it adopts the branding of the carrier it has the sim from when it is reset (?). Bloatware can be removed using ADB commands either way. In very very good condition. I think the nav bar (which is almost always present) has led to slight burn-in, I took a photo of the settings menu to show the very slight differences in off-white because of that. Nothing that would stop it being used as a DAP as I have been using it. For now the BTR7 or trusty iPhone SE 2016 is a better solution for me if I’m going to pick. Battery life is solid as can be. Not a bad backup camera to have around just in case. Much faster than a DAP, strong BT and WiFi connections too, plus cellular if you wanted to go that route.

So additions are the VE Super Nova and the LG V35.

Prices are firm.


Adding on:

  • $100 Sennheiser HD560S condition is fantastic, check photographs. Has box, cable, and quarter inch adapter.

And inevitably, and only because of budget reasons, you’ll see my T50RP Argon MkIII here soon ( :cry: ) with alacantra headband, stock protein pads and ZMF hefty protein pads, stock orange cable and longer black cable, and OG box. Non-balanced version. Also probably part or all of the source chain I invested in to really let them shine… if so then I’ll list those later.
I knew it’d be beyond my budget all together, but it’s something I just had to hear.


Dang, that’s a great price on a great headphone! Glwts!


How do the OG Fans compare to the Vortex?

Asking and hoping you say that they are the same to prevent myself from impulse buying at that price LOL

They are very different tunings. If you can take the upper mids end of a strong V shape (mids somehow still rich imo) then the Fan is really fun… I found parts of the higher end too sharp for my sensitivities, but really enjoyed the rest of it.


Moondrop Kato $120 WTS
Hi everyone! Bought these new,only used once. Work great,no sonic issues or blemishes. Could not get a good fit with my ears. Practically brand new. Comes with all accessories and box. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!