Buy/Sell and Looking for Thread

One more price drop on the Rad-0: $1300 or $1250 F&F. Thanks.


Thanks @domq422 for letting me try these iems out. I tried and now ready to pass them to someone else. I also have a lot of eartips that I don’t need anymore. Most have been used once or not at all. If anyone wants to trade a pair of iems or just want to hear something different these iems are yours for the taking. If you need any of the ear tips,just let me know. The iems are KZ X CRN and Tripowin X HBB Mele. Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! Thanks,Chris


So happy you got the chance to try em out, brother. Thank you for doing the right thing, and passing them on!

With that being said… I am interested in those ear tips. Can I reserve a few please?


Which ones would you like?

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I hate to be a hoarder but I’ve always wanted to try those Spinfits, the spiral dots and the Sedna shorts. PM with the payment details and I got you! Thank you!


The 2 boxes of whizzer tips are mediums and each has 3 pairs in them😜

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Looking to trade my BGVP DM8 with something around the same price point. I am the second owner of these. They just don’t get any listening time,so just throwing this out there to see if anyone wants to listen to something different. Thanks everybody! Chris

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Looking for;

2-Way speaker switch box ( model 2WSB-SC1 )

To keep tings tidy, here is my list of audio items up for sale, updated this morning with a couple of items/timestamps.


Marked as SOLD

Hello, fellow Hifiguiders!

I am putting up my almost brand new Xenns Top out here first, in case someone has been looking for a pair. I received them in the beginning of April 2023, so they are roughly two months old and have been used for around 10-20 hours (aside from maybe 20 hours of burn-in).

Why sell?
I have nothing against this set, and have been on the fence about putting them up. I got them because I wanted something more fun than the Variations, and these definitely tick that box.
The fit is also miles better than the Variations. Even with small-medium sized ears, these sit comfortably without any fatigue. I would love to have this fit on some of my other sets…
These are a great all-rounder, but more often than not, I find myself not using all-rounder sets anymore. The bass emphasis on these are superb, and really made me start appreciating pop music and songs with female vocals more than I previously had.

All tips are unused, accessories and everything that was originally included, still is. More pictures can also be provided if you should want:)

Price: Looking to get around 400 USD for these, as a Hifiguide special price, plus whatever shipping equates to.

I am located in Europe, more specifically Norway - hit me up, and I’ll check what shipping might cost.
Not interested in any trades, unfortunately.

I don’t have any feedback on head-fi, and haven’t been here that long, but I am glad to share my profile on the most prominent webpage for the used market in Norway, where I have only 10/10 feedback with 54 reviews.

Letting this post be here a few days, before I move over to Head-fi to see if I find any interested


Would payment be via PayPal G&S or F&F? Big fan of XENNS and have been intrigued to hear these at some point since release. Only set that hasn’t really hit me is Tea 2. The UP and OG Tea though were and still are some of my top dogs.


Those faceplates are f’n stunning. God damn. GLWYS! Get it, @MMag05 you mad man :sunglasses:


I haven’t used it before, but I reckon that’s the norm? Can’t imagine it being any problem.

Hit me up if you get tempted, and I’ll look up how much shipping might hurt:)

@domq422 They are definite stunners! And thank you! They deserve more use


WTS: OG Auteurs $995. I love these things, but I could use the money.

Really good condition, but used condition, so there are a few little scuffs and such, nothing major. They’ve been to ZMF recently for inspection to make sure everything is still working just like it should.

Comes with the original pads as well as a brand new set of Auteur pads. Comes with original hardcase and original XLR and 1/4 cables in a nice little leather cable pouch.

Very nice headphones.

Price will be shipped to you in the USA.

More images / timestamp: Autuer - Album on Imgur


Interest check: selling my XENNS UP, first owner, original packaging, stock tips never used. $500 + shipping (preferably EU). Throwing in my SMSL SP200, total $650
(I like them still, just having some unexpected expenses…)


WTB - Dunu Vulkan - USA
I’m willing to not take the cable if the person wants to keep it. I also don’t care for tips or case.


This man is serious, y’all! :slight_smile:


There’s a pair on r/AVexchange for $280, if it’s still available.


Thanks! It’s still there.


I just bought one on ebay for $250. Bit the bullet.