Buy/Sell and Looking for Thread

Hey there, selling my Klipsch HP-3 headphones in ebony.

I am not the original owner and previously bought them from another user on the AVExchange subreddit. They are in fantastic condition and sound great. I am selling them because I am downsizing my collection and don’t listen to these as much as I should, although they’re beautiful to look at.

They come in the original packaging, although it does have some dings and scrapes on it, as shown in the picture. Also includes original accessories, like the certificate of authenticity, headphone stand, and cables, although I never took these out or used them. As you probably know, these were discontinued and remain highly sought-after.

I’m asking for $1000 shipped via UPS Ground to the lower 48 / Continental USA.

Let me know if there are any questions. Thanks for looking!



OIDIO 4.4 balanced cable for sennheiser hd 800 series
Dekoni Fenestrated pads for sennheiser hd 800 series

Used twice. 100$ - shipping from the Netherlands.

Someone please buy these off me, feel like i’ve been trying to sell them forever haha

The only thing not included is the filter replacements, asking $140

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The Yume II is a set that has always interested me, but it always seemed like a more expensive version of the P1 Max ( the graphs are very similar ). I have almost pulled the trigger on it a couple times.

I have such a love hate relationship with this IEM it’s kind of insane lol. Sometimes music sounds absolutely ethereal and just makes me float and other times it sounds way too thin to enjoy

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2ft LQi Balanced XLR 4 Pin Female to Banana Plug (Silver-Plated Copper) - $85

LetShouer Z12 Modded* + PR2 Modded* + Kiwi Ears Cadenza (Green) Bundle w/ aftermarket tips/foams/etc. - $80 (*Grills have been removed and replaced with foams. It’s technically a destructive process even though you could purchase filters and remove the foams, so I’m not going to charge typical used prices) MP145 has pretty much replaced them all for me, so I’d rather they go off to someone else rather than collect dust.

Qudelix 5K (Out of Warranty) - $70


Mods or not that’s a wonderfully priced bundle there, and a low price on the Q5K too.

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Meze Liric Closed-Back Planar Magnetic Wired Headphones

I have for sale my lightly used Meze Lirc headphones. I also have a Black Dragon 4.4m silver cable. I have everything that came with it even the shipping box and airplane adapter and stock cables.

1,300 USD

The 8XX has been sold.

Aeons are still available.


WTS - Xduoo TA-22 w/ set of Genelex Gold Lion 12au7 tubes
I bought this DAC/Amp in March of 2023 from Apos. I think it sounds great. Tons of versatility. Included a matched pair of Genelex Gold Lion 12au7 tubes.

$350 includes shipping. CONUS only

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SOLD! Thanks

Dropping Qudelix 5K to $60 SOLD
Z12+PR2+KWCadenza Deal to $70


Highersound Erebus, 150 ohm PET DD​

Dark and laid-back sounding earbud with spacious stage. Midbass is slightly more than subbass. Midrange is creamy and lush. Treble is decent without sounding muffled. Stage is quite nice and deep, good width and height.

$150 including PayPal fees. Shipping fees can be split. Paid around $195.

All Ears Kharon 2.2, 32 Ohm PET DD​

Balanced and highly detailed tuning. The subbass extension is quite good, with midbass slam also being on the nicer side. Highly transparent midrange and well-extended brilliant but non-fatiguing treble. Big stage. They are not shouty at all.

$100 including PayPal fees. Shipping fees can be split. Paid around $150.

Apollo Gold Story mmcx (with cable), 32 Ohm​

V-shaped sound with a pretty big soundstage. Nice details, midragne is a bit pushed back. Very nice bass and sparkling treble.

$80 including PayPal fees. Shipping fees can be split. Paid around $100.

Kobe Audio Poseidon (300 Ohm Blue Sapphire PET DD) and Marshmallow (32 Ohm)​

Poseidon is a balanced-sounding earbud, much like Kharon 2.2, but with thicker notes and less separation. Very musical and very engaging.
$50 including PayPal fees. Shipping fees can be split. Paid $67 including cable.

Marshmallow is an entry-level balanced-sounding earbud. $20 including cable and Paypal fees. Shipping fees can be split. Paid $31 including cable.

LREY Matia V2 mmcx, 32 Ohm Titanium DD​

Warm and laid-back sounding earbud with semi-open back brass shell, bell shaped. Beautiful sound, comfortable fit. Very nice stage with proportionate width, height, and depth. Head units only, no cable

$40 including PayPal fees. Shipping fees can be split. Paid $50.

If someone buys all, I can bear the shipping.​

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I have a novel offer for anyone out there. I would be down to trade my Asgard 3 in excellent condition and your pick of my 3 month old Edition XS with aftermarket 16 core OCC 2m cable, my OG HE560s in very good condition (wood veneer with 2.5mm jacks, custom adapters for those jacks to let you use a dual 3.5mm cable with them, new pads with 2 hours on them, black hex grills, headband cover, and aftermarket 16 cores of silver plated ofc, plus two extra pairs of Dekonis pads one hybrid and one lambskin), or your choice of some kind of IEM deal which could include Dunu EST112, OG Mangird Teas, Michael Bruce Glamdrings, ThieAudio Oracle Mk2, TA Excalibur, KB Ear Believe, Campfire Polaris, TA Hype 2, Dunu Zen Pros, etc (we can talk). For some combo of that gear I would want your HE6se V1 or V2 or HE6 OG if it’s beat up but working. I would also consider HE500s, Edition XXs, and OG HE1000s. Also open to offers of other headphones and gear so hit me up. Of course if cash needs to balance the deal on either side we can work that out.

Bumping with LCD-XC (2021) - $700 added!