🔶 Campfire Audio Andromeda

Snagged a Gold at an excellent price as a part of a end of year treat yourself. With IEMatch, they’re an excellent compliment to my 6xx and a heck of an introduction to the world of IEMs.


I have a 2018 set for sale for the highway robbery price of 450 euros +shipping if anyone is interested…all accessories included.

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That is a highway robbery price! Hope someone snags that one quick.

Andromeda 2020
Just arrived. Listening using a BTR5 and the RME ADI-2 fs. So far they’re amazing.


So purdy! That green never gets old.


Also here’s one for the UK people (for the 2019):


Great deal. Would have gotten this if I didn’t already get a 2020 for myself.

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I just got the andromeda 2019 and they make my Andromeda S unnecessary.
I went for Andromeda S first because I read they’re more mid forward but to my ears, I can’t hear that mid forwardness but I can hear improvement (green andro better) in both bass and treble.

Hell, green andros 2019 might be the best IEMs for my taste in “fun” mode I ever heard!


Currently have the Andromedas pacific blue on loan. And whoa it’s been such a game changer to me that it can basically replace any of my headphones atm. It dosent feel like an iem, when I listen to most IEMs something is off. First of all besides Jvc iem from drop I’ve felt that all other IEMs that I’ve heard sound “closed”. In addition to them all sounding closed for some reason they sounded small. I know they are IEMs so they present more in your head but that wasn’t the issue because even my 18 dollar bluetooth buds presented bigger still don’t know what exactly it is but these present bigger too like the earbuds. And with all these other IEMs something was always an issue sound signature wise, from unrefined chfi sound signatures to sizzly treble and lacking depth it just wasn’t doing it but fuck since I’ve been playing with these they completely changed my opinion on what an iem can do. Because these recreate a stage exceptionally, they have a very natural timbre nothing top of the line nor anything like that but it’s very very good. Voices feel like they have depth and are not even slightly recessed ime. Treble is fun and sparkly with tons of air and bass is fun punchy and detailed. Imaging seems to be completely fine too and everything this headphone can do is completely balanced and one of the most refined things I’ve heard. Another important thing is that it somehow maintains stellar clarity (which I’ve been really appreciating clarity on gear lately) while being crazy forgiving for vocals as it has exactly 0 issues with any sort of sibilance even in most sus music lol.
IEMs and headphones can be fully in par. It took me a while to find something that would show that to me but this is thr one, literally the thing I’ve been searching for all this time.
Finally in case anyone is curious, in the current stable of gear I have it places second only to the LSA which is the king. But man this IEM somehow has stolen my heart, absolutely love it

I think I forgot to mention detail somehow. Phenomenal. Lol it’s just it surpasses most things I’ve heard

Paired with ifi diablo


New Andro owner here. Curious what source gear everyone is using their Andros with nowadays


I am using mine with the Shanling M8, iBasso DX300 w/ Mk1 module, RME ADI 2 DAC FS, and iPhone dongle

Nice! Just got them in other day, trying to determine what my favorite sources are for it. I think so far the qp2r is winning for portable and the RNHP is winning for desktop


DX300 but I think I still prefer the iDSD Micro with this set :man_shrugging:t2:

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IDSD micro Black label. Works well no complaints.

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Interesting, I have the nano idsd bl and I thought that was a really nice pairing. I imagine the micro would take that a considerable step up too.

I’ll drop my 2 cents here, for me 2 best pairings were lotoo paw 6000 and lotoo paw gold touch (gold touch being better of the two). No other source I’ve heard can do black background like those two can with Andros especially.

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On a whim I just snagged a set of Andro 2020s at a fantastic price. I’m hoping I really love them. Will be interested to see how a $1k IEM differs from my $200 Etys. I’ll be disappointed if it’s not night and day.

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They arrived Friday. I’ve been listening to them a lot. I think I need more time to figure out how I feel about them. They are, of course, very good. And yes, they are better than my ER4-XR, naturally. What I’m trying to get my head around is how much better and whether or not it really makes sense to spend this much dough on audio equipment. Diminishing returns is no joke. I’m certainly glad I didn’t pay full MSRP. I in fact paid $510.