🔶 Campfire Audio Andromeda

Damn good price to me… Have had mine a year …Andro 2020… My favorite when I got it and still is… Added the Smoky Litz balanced 2.5 cable from Campfire for them. The IEMs I got through this forum and He has since bought another set because He missed them. Mine were 600 I believe but not positive.

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They are very good. It’s just not a night-and-day difference from my Etymotics. Or at least not one proportionate to the price difference. That’s what I’m working out. I think I was expecting these to blow me away. They are slowly seducing me. It’s definitely track-dependent. Some tracks shine. Some not as much. I perceive that to be a question of recording quality.

One odd note: I often perceive singers to be just a tad right of center rather than dead center. I can’t figure out what’s going on.

I feel like I should keep a log of tracks with which the Andros don’t shine, and tracks with which they do.

Like everyone else I’ve been listening a lot to Kate Bush’s Hounds of Love. Honestly, it’s badly recorded and I don’t think it makes much of a difference what I’m listening with. That said, now I’ve got Morrissey’s Viva Hate (yeah, I’m a gen Xer), and the Andros sing. I can hear each instrument very distinctly, and they seem spaced out in a way I don’t recall hearing on other sets.

“One odd note: I often perceive singers to be just a tad right of center rather than dead center. I can’t figure out what’s going on.”
Sounds like positioning to me… If you feel or sense that then I would think they are pretty accurate on that track… Do other cans or IEMs give you that sense with that track?

No, they don’t. I think I need to do some a/bing.

This is spectacular on the Andros. I can place all the instruments precisely, hear them distinctly, and also soak in the cool acoustics of the room.

It’s spectacular on the Solstice as well (the custom version)!

So, I am quite late to this party. I finally obtained a pair of Andromeda 2020. I’m massively in love with these earphones. Wondering what anyone might be using these days to listen to them. I also ponied up and ordered a Mojo2. Any thoughts on the pairing? I have found in my listening sessions, comparing between my Moondrop Moonriver2, Fiio Q3 and Audioquest Dragonfly Cobalt, that I prefer the Cobalt. There just appears to be that much more life to the music. Clearer and more resolute mids and highs with punchy, deep and tight bass. The combo seems to rock. I cannot wait to find out what happens with an even better dac/amp such as the Mojo2. The Mojo arrives tomorrow. Additionally, am I the only one who is now a collector of all things Campfire?

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