Campfire shootout

I was hoping you’d say one of their cheaper models :slight_smile:

I’ve read the Lyra 2 might be good. There are still some available on the net.

I think the Andros would be spot on for those genres with their mids and sparkling but non fatiguing highs…but if you’re chasing a similar sound signature of say the solaris without the :moneybag: I can defo rec the spring 1’s

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Can’t see myself ever spending $1,500 on IEMs. Headphones, ok, since they’d never leave my desk, and will never be stuffed in my pocket.


I guess you want to buy into the campfire brand? which is cool but I have both the Andros and the Peacock P1’s…yes the Andros to my ears are the better set but 10x better? that’s gonna be a personal call…maybe the Tin HiFi P1’s are worth considering too if you can drive them? as they’re power hungry…I love those too :smiley:

I’m not familiar with the Peacock P1. I’ll check them out. As for Tin, I recall Zeos’s rave view of the P1 and his comparison with the Android, as well as the rave review by Bad Guy Good Audio or whatever he calls himself. Reminds me a lot of Z’s estimation of the M1060 as being so close to the LCD2 as to make it hard to justify the extra $$. He argued that the lower price of the LCD2c killed the value-for-money advantage of the M1060, just as a cheaper Campfire would, if I could find one with the right signature, I guess.

I’m not wed to Campfire, I just like the idea. I don’t know why. The fact that it’s American made helps. Seems like 99% of what I buy is Chinese. I wonder if I have the power for the P1…my own the go rig currently consists of a ES100 connected to my Pixel 3. (Love the ES100, by the way–best $100 I’ve ever spent).

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We have a thread on the Peacocks here

They’re getting more exposure now so you should be able to get more opinions, as for power if ES100 can drive DT1990’s? then it should be ok but the Tin P1’s love a bit of headroom :+1:


Thanks. I just read through. Now I want both the Peacocks and the Andromeda!

Have you ever listened to the Comet?

Sadly no sorry I’ve not heard the Comet’s…I’m sure some of our forum members have so hopefully they can chime in?.

Ok not everyones cup of tea but I like John, he likes music first and he also appreciates and owns high end gear…
This might help on the Comet front?

Yeah I like John but he is pretty far from the truth in my opinion. The video is also quite old and plenty of good IEMs have been produced in the past year.

$200 tops out just above ‘budget’, I would call it mid tier.

It lacks the dynamic bass as they are just Balanced Armature, just one. There are seriously some very good options out there for this price now.

What “truth” is that?

Well, he called it the ‘best’ budget IEM.

The truth is technically there is no such thing as best because sound is subjective. But for the price there are IEMs with better timbre, or bass, or mids etc…


I’ve not heard the Comet’s but i’m sure everyone has their take on the best < $200 iem if you want to champion the :dollar: then that’s cool :+1:…i’m listening on Andros being English but yeah Chifi offer the best audio bang for buck for sure?..your choice and preference as always :smiley:


If I ever got a Campfire it would be the Io, but will likely not stand up to others I have. I’m going to avoid Campfire as I’m pretty confident the edges of the iems would touch something that doesn’t like to be touched by a metal ridge lmao

I’d consider the Tin 2 great “budget IEMs.” Comets? No, but Darko’s review, which I’ve seen before, and quite a few others like BGGR or whatever his name is, made it sound like the Comet was one of those cases of terrific value for the money, and an option that exposed the extent to which “better” gear meant spending considerably more money for relatively incremental improvements (diminishing returns).

I like Darko’s videos a lot, and I have the feeling I’d like him a lot if we met. He’s one of the reasons why I’m so intrigued by the Meze 99. That said, his musical tastes are distinctly different from mine. He’s into early 80s post punk, for example. I’m more about Bach. That makes me skeptical about whether something he likes is necessarily something I’d like.

My old standbys are Fischer DBA-02 MK2, which I bought after losing my pair of Mk 1. All based on some reviews on Head-Fi. They were about $150 and are really good. And yes, distinguishably better than my Tin2, which I bought for my son. (He doesn’t care for him, which is great, as I ordered those Fiio BT adapters and will make them into all BT iems for my own use). Only when I pay close attention to I find the Fischer’s inadequate, esp. after listening as much as I do to my HD650s. So I’m convinced “better” exists, and I know I don’t need to jump up to Adromedas to get better (not that I’m not tempted!)

By no means am I saying he is wrong.

I am simply saying that ‘best’ isn’t a useful term, and that if by ‘best’ he meant best mids or best treble or bass or whatever, in the year or so since the video was made, other offerings have come out for a cheaper price that has less sibilance or deeper bass or whatever; meaning whatever he used to clarify them being the best, there are ‘better’ now.

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His name is Chris @hawaiibadboy :wink: and one of the pioneers championing Chifi …which helps push/kick the arse of lazy high end iem manufactures resting on their laurels and lording it…FACT
Love them iem wars :joy:


Whoever he is, I’m a fan.


I had started to reply earlier that the Comets were a bad choice for classical, because they look just like my Atoms and I assumed they were the lower priced bass-boosted iems, but I’m pretty sure that’s the Vega. @dcofficehack I’m not the biggest classical guy, but I do like a lot of acoustic music, and I prefer my iems to be a little bright and detail focused where I look for warm and relaxed for headphones usually. Of my more recent purchases, the JVC HA FD01 and the Etymotic ER4SR are pretty solid. I originally bought the bassier ER4XR and returned it because I didn’t need that extra bass. I modded the JVCs myself, and it was easy enough, but for $20 more you can pick up the Drop version that makes the filters a little more uniform than my gauze cutting skills allow. Everyone seems to love the Starfields, but I’m personally not crazy about the Harman target. For $130 though, it seems to be tough to beat

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So I have had my orions for a few weeks now. Been using them everyday for an hour at least (mostly with my Shanling Q1 and/or iFi xdsd). Gotta say the midforward sound is my shit. People rag on these a lot for the treble cliff and lack of midbass punch, but they still punch in their price range imo. I really like these :stuck_out_tongue:. Will be getting a better dap for them soon, and we can see how they scale.

If you like eikons and clears, you’ll probably not hate the orions imo.

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