Reecho and Peacock Spring 1

Decided as the UK Canjam ain’t gonna happen? :cry: and I don’t want to spend $1-2k on an iem i’ve not had a chance to demo it would be good to try a monitorish set that’s not silly money…it was between the Spring and the NAGA Audio Sirius…went with the Spring as they look sick with the brown cable :+1:
Gonna be a couple of weeks for delivery apparently so i’ll just keep listening to the music in the meantime :smiley:


Got this email this morning from them:

HI Felix,

We’re likely going to postpone the July event in London and will be confirming our plans by next week.



It’ll still happen, just won’t be in July

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That would be awesome but it’ll all come down worldwide travel restrictions etc which will be out of the UK’s hands…we’ll see, really hope they/we/the world manages to sort this problem out and get back to normal :pray:

Yes of course, I hope it’ll be soon it was a great time last year

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They graph nicely too…


Solaris SE v’s Spring 1


Chris’s set :+1:


My set’s been delivered apparently, hope to pick them up tomorrow? one downside of living on a barge…no post address :smiley:


It only took 2 weeks :smiley:


I’ve been giving these a good run for their money over the last 2 days and can honestly say…
1 They’re the most comfortable IEM’s i’ve tried, they just disappear once fitted.
2 If you listen to a lot of genres then these bad boys have that covered ,they’re smooth without lacking detail, the bass rolls off a tad so no sub sub but it’s enough so you don’t know it’s lacking. Mids are well represented again not in your face but well balanced between the lows and highs, Joe Walsh’s Guitar on ‘Life’s been good to me’ sounds spot on. Highs are never sibilant and have a nice air to them.
Sound stage I’d say is average but imaging is good all the different instruments and vocals have their own space.
All in all an non-fatiguing, easy to listen to IEM that has all the detail, you just need to listen for it as they don’t shove it in your face…:+1:


Greetings Ohmboy, you have captured my interest in these. Iv’e been looking for a comparable in this price range: Thei L3, Starfield, the New Bl05, and the NF Audio NA-2, I like how you described the sound signature of these and as I am looking for an excellent value with simular traits in comparison. Any insight would be great.


Hey welcome to the forum buddy :smiley: although owning a few IEM’s I’ve not personally listened to the ones you listed :slightly_frowning_face:

There are threads on here about the L3, 05’s and Starfield thought so it might be worth asking on those?

However I use the Spring 1’s most days now as I find them good for not only music but other stuff like YouTube etc, they’re keepers for me.

Hopefully someone else on here can help more with the others on your list good luck with your search :+1:


Since this is supposed to have a monitor type sound, have you tried to tip roll among the included tips or even with some outside favorites to see how the sound changes? Just curious on how versatile it is. :slight_smile:

I haven’t yet mate I just stuck on a pair of red New Bee foam tips I had because they fit well and are comfy for me…plus i’m shallow and they look dope on that set lol…I’ve got a bit of time this weekend so i’ll roll a few sets to see how/if the sound changes :+1:

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Much appreciated Ohmboy. I’ve been searching other threads and forums on all others mentioned.
But , I’m really liking your comments on the Spring.
This might be a “safe” pick I think. Thanks again.

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Just looked at the included tip description…

-Colombian eartips8
-Memory foam eartips
-Low frequency plug

Not too sure what to do with a low frequency plug :thinking: and I’m guessing the Colombian ones you use to snort? lol


Joking aside i’ve just run through a few of my fav tracks from…

Joni Mitchell Blue
Joe Walsh But Seriously Folks
Public Enemy Apocalypse 91
Kate Bush The Sensual World
AC/DC Back in Black
Birdy Nam Nam

And yes this set is a rec for sure, tip wise the “Colombian” aka Spin-fit??? work the best for me…the bass is tighter not over blown, mids and highs are as i’ve already said nicely balanced with decent detail.
The Bass aka LF plugs go a bit deeper but without the control I like and some how manage to mess with my appreciation of mid and high balance but maybe ok for some people?.
Foam tips come last imho…that taught me a lesson about being colour funk shallow :smile::metal:


Due to our similar library I think we are hearing the same things…literally. This set is pretty dope. They are very enjoyable. Joe Walsh has that honky voice like Bob Dylan/Neil Young etc…he sounds perfect and his guitar solo/vocals on “Life’s been good” is dope.


I pulled the trigger on this!
Hope it’s as good a surprise as the ISN H40 was.


Congrats on the trigger pull :smiley: interested to know what you think :+1:

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