Reecho and Peacock Spring 1

Hopefully they dispatch immediately. :wink:
I’m Tio.
Are you Chris?

No mate Chris is #hawaiibadboy :+1:

They only took 2 weeks from ordering mine to delivery from Linsoul uk aka Amazon during this crisis

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Chris suggested this.
Had the L9 on order but got fired from work so i had to get something to try and the L9 was too slow to be shipped.

They’re a solid set I use mine most days…super comfy too…just got a pair of Campfire Andro’s and the 1’s get as much use so that must say something? :smiley:

Always wanted to get the Andromedas. Then i thought i wanted the Solaris.
The graph of the Spring looks quite similar. Can we say it sounds similar too or?

I haven’t heard the Solaris but #SpeleFool does a great comparison here…

My very first IEMs were Noble K10 Customs that appeared maybe twice at Massdrop, marketed as some of the best-reviewed in-ears on Head-Fi. While I usually take Drop’s marketing spin (and Head-Fi’s comparative expertise) with a healthy pinch of salt, there’s no doubt those were a well-regarded model and hardly a bad place to start. And, OMG, custom fit. If I ever get on an airplane again it won’t be without CIEMs.

Meanwhile, as my headphone collection grew and I began to appreciate variety, I eventually found my way to CANJAM SoCal (2019). And aside from getting a chance to hear the Sennheiser HE-1, the #1thing on my list was to figure out why every other IEM I read praise about was Campfire Andromeda.

Having heard a lot of excellent headphones by now, I’ve had plenty of first impressions along the lines of “wow, that’s really nice.” But only a handful of times where a listening experience has been so shockingly good that it stopped me in my tracks. OG Andromeda did that. I clearly remember thinking, “OMG, IEMs can do that?” Prior to that moment, I’d held a prejudice that going to IEMs meant sacrificing some of the magic of headphones for the sake of portability. Andromedas shattered that illusion.

The only criticism I could muster was, “well, the bass is a little to rolled off and polite–I wish these had a little more going on.” It’s the same way I felt (and still feel) about Utopias, which are still a benchmark for me in absolute technical ability. There’s nothing wrong, and nothing objectively lacking, but my personal tastes want just a little more down low so that some of my favorite high-energy electronic tracks are more engaging.

And then I tried Solaris. Done. Sold. Perfection. The Andromedas probably outshone them in mids and sparkly magic, but these were close enough and with exactly the right balance of low end that I was missing: full, smooth, detailed. Listening to the birds chirping and bass hit on Yosi Horikawa’s “Wandering,” I knew I had to have these.

After the show I did a silly thing: I placed a single order for Andromeda, Solaris and Atlas. I was all-in on Campfire.

The Andromedas went to my wife, who sings in a women’s choir and has been both supportive and appreciative of my audio hobby. The Solaris became my babies, and later justified the wholly unnecessary purchase of the gold SP1000M just to create an ensemble look (and for the ever-so-slightly more portable form factor of the M). And the Atlas were purely for the sake of variety–to have something to indulge in excess bass like some kind of audio triple-dark chocolate fudge gelato.

The Atlas surprised me with still-detailed mids that are simply recessed rather than overwhelmed by bass. I could easily see them being a daily driver for anyone wanting to bring the bass. They pump out the beats in a way that makes Solaris seem tame by comparison, but they accomplish that without smothering the mids and highs the way my Fostex TR-X00 Ebonies do.

Atlas does have some quirks–I’ve encountered both the driver flex and the lockout issues with mine, leading me to stick to foam tips. The flex issue can result in something internal suddenly releasing, causing a loud PING sound that leaves my ears ringing–making my fear both for my hearing and my IEMs. And the lockout simply leaves enough pressure in place that the driver cannot move, leading to little or no sound. Letting foam tips expand in place completely eliminates both problems, but it’s unfortunate that such a high-end IEM should have such issues.

Fortunately, I’ve not had any such issues with Solaris–the DD seems to equalize just fine with silicone tips, and sound levels and quality have never been adversely affected. The only issue with Solaris is the large bore size where the IEM body connects to the chrome stem–there is a shoulder on the black body of the IEM just below this that has the tiniest edge to it that can dig in just enough to cause some discomfort on long listening sessions. It’s usually not problematic for me, but it can be, depending on fitment. It’s interesting that Atlas seems to have the exact same nozzle dimensions, but without the sharp shoulder (and also a wires-down insertion style) and completely avoids the potential comfort-issue I have with Solaris.

When Campfire announced the Special Edition Gold remix of Andromeda I jumped on them, hoping to recapture that Andromeda magic, but with the extra bass I craved. Did they deliver? Yeah, mostly. I feel like mids and highs are closer to parity with Solaris than OG Andros, but with BA bass instead of DD bass. And they’re tinier, lighter and more comfortable. I still prefer the overall sound of Solaris, but the Andro Golds offer just enough compelling distinctiveness to cement a permanent place in my collection. The DD bass of Solaris is more visceral, bringing a dimension to the listening experience that earns it the top spot in my collection, but the BA bass of the Andro Golds is tighter and more controlled. Coupled with the better comfort factor and not so blatantly drawing attention to what’s in my ears, the Andro Golds are a better choice for certain situations.

I’ve listened to some other very good IEMs that I’ve enjoyed very much, like Noble Khan and Katana, but nothing that I felt I needed to add to the collection, and certainly nothing that I thought could replace Solaris. I’ve been pretty content to consider my IEM journey complete, save one exception…

I’ve gained quite a bit of respect for Crinacle’s IEM rankings. I find him to be a harsh critic, but fair. So I’ve long wondered about the tiny collection of IEMs to which he has awarded an S rank, and specifically about the 64 Audio U12T (which badly needs its own thread, BTW). I finally got a pair last Friday, after patiently watching for any kind of sale or deal (and landing one at 20% off / $1600).

Like OG Andromedas, the U12Ts have been one of those ear-opening moments on my audio journey. They deliver sub-bass like no other IEM I have heard, but maintain the clarity and detail of BAs. Mids and highs are still excellent and detailed; they’re not so “guilty pleasure” a signature as the Atlas. I am now looking to configure a pair of A12Ts as my ultimate endgame, and the likely end of my search for anything better.

Are they worth $500 more than Solaris? That depends on how much an additional $500 stretches your budget. They certainly deliver enough beyond Solaris to command that price difference. And yet the Solaris, for me, already reaches a level of excellence across the board that makes it equally easy to say that they do everything well enough that it would be wiser to invest that $500 difference into a DAP that will do them justice.

Here’s the thread…


Thanks. Great writeup.
Yes i need to decide on the two and sell some gear to finally get one.

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Nice site man!

I listened to these recently, pretty damn sweet for the price, really comfy in the ear, and a great sound for what it is, cable pretty sick as well. Generally pleasing signature with good technicalities. I did hear the tad lack of subbass rumble as @Ohmboy noted, but the rest of the signature made it up for me. Didn’t get that much time with them though as they were a friends pair that he let me borrow for a day


Looking forward to getting mine and pair them with the Plenue 2.
If they lack some bass i’ll make sure to add some through Jeteffect and we’re good to go!


Thanks :slight_smile: I just finish the review for the THIEAUDIO Legacy 3. Also an realy good choice around 120$

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I ordered the “Spring” last night, hoping it will sound more spacious & breathable than this overly bassy Legacy 3.

Does anyone know about the differences between the “Spring”(1BA+2DD) and “Spring Fever”(2BA+1DD)? (I notice the description at @DallaPo 's store for the “Spring” says both 1BA+2DD and 2BA+1DD…)

“Spring” (1BA+2DD) here:

“Spring Fever” (2BA+1DD) here:

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@CT007 I believe they are the same iem, just a different take on the naming…At least the packaging is exactly the same as mine that just arrived a few days ago. They are awesome to say the least, detailed but not sibilant or edgy. You’ll enjoy them if you appreciate clarity and detail, and the bass early on was a little light. But, they just get better and better with more hours on them… I finally made a decent purchase.


Glad you’re enjoying them buddy :smiley: they’re defo a solid set :+1:

PS Edit…They do love a bit of power…scale well with that they do :zap::muscle::+1:


I really like what I’m hearing about the Spring :slight_smile: Already owning Kanas Pro(and finding them rather soft & boring), I’ve been forcing myself to avoid the seemingly merely mid-fi-level Starfield, to hopefully find an IEM that’s a clear step or 2 above it. EX800ST & ISN H40 also seem promising. My Spring should arrive on the 27th or so. :crossed_fingers:

(Oh, we’ve already been chatting in the Legacy 3 & Spring review comments on Head-fi, I see ;P)

Can you compare your Spring to any of these: Legacy 3, TFZ No.3, Kanas Pro, Starfield, YBF? I love how the YBF sounds; very clear, open, detailed, yet not thin or weak.

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Would love to hear how these compare, and which you’d choose :slight_smile:

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I have them both burning in.
H40 over 50 hours, Spring just 24 hours.
Both original foam tips from the set.
Running both from my PC through the dual headphone outputs of the Scarlett 16/8.
I’m listening to Son Kite Colours and Prisma albums so no vocals only on Colours first track.
Vocals on the H40 are thicker, so is the bass.
The H40 is a lot louder at the same volume. About 20-25% louder although it might be my cards settings.
I think as I am listening the Spring is clearer, but I am not very very sure.
Will burn them in for 72 hours and compare properly on my DAPs.
I thought the H40 was awesome.
Well the Spring is awesome too!


Looking Like I got 1 more week before its Stateside. Waiting on transit to NYC :frowning: But all is good, super pumped! :slight_smile: May consider buying the collection as they come out if the quality stays up :smiley:

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Do you have a routine for this? Like playing pink or brown noise at high volume? Or random rock?

I plan to use stock tips, so I like your style! =P Do you feel H40 is in the “S”-rank class? I just found out about them a few days ago, but $192 is on the pricey side, I think. 5-6 more days til I get my Spring!! “electro mod” on YT will be uploading his full review on the Spring shortly, as well.